Wednesday, September 30, 2009

There I fixed it!

My new favorite site! Celebrates epic Kludges!! What is kludge you ask? Read below:

Kludge – An ill-assorted collection of poorly matching parts, forming a distressing whole.” -Jackson Granholm Datamation Magazine February 1962

From the There I fixed it! website: "There are as many sources for the word Kludge as there are jury-rigged mailboxes in the mobile home parks of America. Whether the source of the word is Gaelic, German, or Naval Acronym, we know them when we see them, and on this web site, we celebrate these iconic images of mankind’s eternal struggle to hammer square pegs into round holes (with duct tape.)"

Check this site out. It is good for a laugh, or perhaps a fix-it-yourself idea. Some the ideas are ingenious, others are just plain hilarious!

You can submit your own kludge to:

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Yard sale nightmare

Last week, Ed and I participated in my sister's yard sale. It was one of those neighborhood wide yard sales, but from the looks of what I saw...very few of the neighbors were participating. I'm not going to brag to say that we had fabulous items up for sale....we didn't! It was mainly a lot of crap that was taking up space in our lives. Somehow, Ed was persuaded to let go of his giant..and I mean GIANT stuffed animals. It was difficult for him to let go, but he knew that deep down, the purge was necessary. Sales were mostly sporadic throughout the day. At one point this older gentleman came walking through our yard sale. He looked pretty intense and seemed to be looking for something in particular. When he finally reached the garage area, he asked if we had any guns. My sister jokingly said that we had water pistols, but no guns....he was not amused and briskly walked away...very odd indeed! We all just stared at each other wondering what this guy's intent was. My sister then stated "Does this look like the kind of yard sale that has guns?!!". Seriously, is it legal to sell a gun at a yard sale?

We had a few drive-by's...where the folks drive up and slowly cruise by but never stop. For some reason, those drive-by folks really irked me! My sister and I would try to wave them in...but that made them just hit the gas. I suppose our enthusiasm to make a sale scared them off. Most people who stopped by were very nice. There was one kid in the neighborhood who came by, checked out what we had, left, then came back with some friends. One of his friends then came back with her sister and her reluctant father. The sister managed to buy the giant stuffed snake that belonged to Ed and I noticed the defeated look in the father's face. The girl, proud of her purchase, walked it back to her house, much to her father's dismay. I swear that I saw a glimmer of a tear in the corner of Ed's eye when he saw the snake being carted off. My sister at the end of the day was the big winner. She made about $80, while both Ed and I each made approximately $25 . Afterwards, while cleaning up, Ed offered to take a lot of the stuff to Goodwill. The big items we left on the curb and posted to craigslist. Ed and I each loaded up our cars and carted the leftovers to Goodwill, who seemed more than happy to take it off our hands. Ed was somewhat despondent over the loss of his stuffed animals. It took him a little while to snap out of it too. All in all, it was a good day...not to make money, but to get rid of our excess stuff.

Seriously, does this look like the kind of yard sale that would have guns for sale?

Ed's giant snake and bear for sale. He really had a hard time letting go.

The yard sale in all it's glory! Doesn't it just make you want to come by and spend your money?

We put Taz in the dog kennel trying to drum up failed. Taz ended up at the Goodwill and the dog kennel we left on the curb and someone snatched it up.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Favorite Stuff: Vintage chenille bedspreads

There is something cozy and inviting when I see a vintage chenille bedspread. Say what you will about them, but I love them. Some folks think that it reminds them of Grandma's house, but I think that is what makes me drawn to them in the first place. Grandma's house was always a wonderful place to be, and having a chenille bedspread brings me back least in my mind. Above is a chenille bedspread that I picked up a few months ago (Sammy is making himself comfortable on it in the above photo). This room is still a work in progress, but I love the bright colors of this bedspread, and plan to buy more in the future. Look at the lovely examples of chenille bedspreads below. This is definitely a look that I strive for in my bedroom/sanctuary. Enjoy!

This particular bedspread is lively and colorful. I just want to jump in with a good book and my arm curled around that rabbit. Definitely one of my favorites.

Who wouldn't want to relax in this lovely serene bed with the adorable kitty! This is definitely my kind of room.

This room doesn't scream granny at all! Definitely has a hippie chic vibe to it. Love the all the colorful accessories that really give this room punch.

I love this photo because it reminds me of my cat Sammy...who can always be found napping on the bed.

Love the popcorn chenille on this simple bedspread. Really gives the room a serene and comfortable feeling.

Love the graphic pillows paired with the chenille bedspread and patchwork quilt. Also digging the vintage fish on the wall. This room screams fun.

The peacocks on the bedspread are beautiful and colorful. Love the mix of colors used here, really makes a graphic statement.

Love the soft colors used on this bedspread and all the vintage pillowcases, looking quite sumptuous. Makes me want to dive right in. Also, I adore that mirror above the bed.

This bedspread is really quite lovely. Even though the soft colored chenille bedspreads are inviting, I really prefer the bright colors for my own bedroom. My favorites are definitely the vivid pinks and oranges.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Let the hounds rejoice!

Humans have blow up dolls, now fido can have his fun too with the Doggie Lover doll. It seems that majority of non-neutered dogs spend a good chunk of time looking for something to hump. They will hump just about anything, from pillows, furry creatures, people’s legs and even other animals, but now there's an alternative. The Doggie Lover Doll by Pet Smiling is actually available for purchase now to placate your randy canine. Press release states: To put an end to this nonsense and improve the little ones' lives, the enterprise PetSmiling, headquartered in Miami, United States, and in São Paulo, Brazil, is bringing to the market the DoggieLoverDoll: a female canine manufactured in soft rubber with a silicone vagina and an easy to clean reservoir. The product also comes with a tube of water-based intimate lubricant, to increase the useful life of the doll. I'm sorry, but this has to be one of the funniest things I've seen in awhile....the look of ecstacy on the dogs face in the first photo is just too much!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

A Good Day to be in Philadelphia!

Woo hoo! The Phillies beat the Mets 5-4 and the Eagles beat the Panthers 38-10! It's always a wonderful day when Philly teams win! Let's hope we see another World Series in our future.

I live in South Philadelphia, a couple of subway stops north of the ballpark. As I was watching the last pitch of the game and they won, looking out my window was a mass exodus of people making their way to Broad St. I've never seen so many people walking down my street before. Everyone was incredibly happy and many were yelling "We're Number One!". It's something I'll never forget.

The parade was incredible. We haven't had one in the city for a long time, and it was long overdue. It was quite thrilling to see the team make their way down Broad Street, and I'm hoping to do it again this year. Go Phillies!

Saturday, September 12, 2009


I don't really have much to post today, because I mainly hung around the house and took care of some much needed housework. I did manage to watch one of my favorite films, "The Science of Sleep" starring the lovely Charlotte Gainsbourg and the utterly handsome Gael García Bernal. There is some wonderful stop motion photography used in the film. It was directed by Michel Gondry who has a terrific way of creating visual eye candy in all of his films. Definitely worth checking out.

While watching this I was reminded of some fantastic films by PES. Enjoy!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Star Trek!

This past Friday, Ed and I trekked over to the Franklin Institute to check out the Star Trek exhibit. We had a lot of fun looking at all the artifacts from the TV shows and movies. At the start of the exhibit were models of all the ships used in the shows and films, along with a history about each ship and what happened to them. I bascially just looked at the model and moved on, and Ed questioned why I didn't read the history of each ship. I turned to him and said "you do realize that this is a made up history...a total fabrication...spawned from a TV show?" He just looked at me like I was a crazy person. Some fans take the Star Trek history seriously, treating it as if it were real history! When I recently posted photos from the exhibit on my flickr account, I was corrected by a trekkie on the names of ships and characters. Seriously, trekkie fans need to relax! It is just entertainment after all!

I like Star Trek, the original series and The Next Generation, and all the films that spawned from those series...but I think that is where my interest ends. I didn't really get into Deep Space Nine, Voyager and whatever else came after that. I am looking forward to seeing the latest Star Trek movie though, which shows the origins of the characters from the original series. Below, see some photos I managed to take at the exhibit (apparently photos were prohibited, and you know...when someone tells you that you can't do do it anyway!)

Uniforms from the films and TV shows

Some Star Trek artifacts

Sick Bay

Ed doing his best impersination of Captain Kirk

Friday, September 4, 2009

Vintage photos

I thought I was the only one who appreciated vintage photos but Flickr member superbomba has taken her appreciation to a whole new level. She has amassed an enormous collection of vintage photos that range from the mundane to the insane. You can spend hours just going through all of them, and not be bored. There is something odd about staring at strangers photos....makes me wonder what happened to these people, and why have their photos been discarded? Check out her page at Below are some of my favorites, enjoy!


An ex-Boeing engineer collects anything and everything at his home in Seattle. His home is filled with taxidermy, electronics, vintage prints, paintings, and oddball items that fit no possible or rational just have to see it to believe it...the bathroom is beyond disturbing. Photos below are courtesy of Flickr member joeltelling under the set Weird Seattle Home where there are tons more photos for your viewing pleasure. Living in that home must be madness. I already misplace stuff in my own home, which in comparison would be considered minimalist, even though my home is nowhere near being minimalist. I collect things too, but its not on the verge of insanity as this is. Imagine misplacing something in a place like that? Its enough to drive you bonkers! Makes me wonder if this guy charges people for tours? If he did, it would be the sanest thing about him! Total wackiness!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Small and Lovely

These cigar box dioramas are just amazing! I came accross these lovely little beauties on the blog "The Constant Gatherer" by Katie Runnels, which is an amazing and creative blog. Katie is a mixed media artist and she features all of her wonderful works of art using vintage finds. I adore all of them so much that I had to share them! Definitely inspiring me to be more creative in my life. Perhaps I'll create my own version. Check out her blog many wonderfully creative ideas!