Friday, May 28, 2010

New Broad Street Bullies on the block?

Go Flyers!  I'm not really a hockey fan, but its always nice to be in a city with a winning team at the moment.  I remember how crazy the city went when the Flyers won two Stanley cups in a row back in the 70s.  I even got to meet legendary goalie Bernie Parent at my parents bank one afternoon and got his autograph.  Holy crap...did I just age myself?  Wow, feeling a little old posting about this.

Here's a bit of retro goodness from when the Flyers won the Stanley cup in 74 and 75.  Dave Schultz had to be the most bad-ass hockey player around!  As a kid, he terrified the hell out of  me!  Would certainly not want to encounter this guy in a dark alleyway!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Old Dogs, new tricks

My old (almost) 15 year old Samoyed dog has learned a new trick....peeing in the kitchen!  I realize that as dogs get older, it gets harder for them to maintain bladder control.  To be honest, I'm thrilled that he's doing it on the tile floor rather than my rugs or hardwood floors throughout the rest of the house.  Heck, I'm still amazed that he can climb the front steps to get in and out of the house.  Anyway, I cannot discipline him, since he can't help what he's doing.  What I did manage to do was buy puppy pads at Big Lots (cannot sing the praises of this store enough) for only $4.99.  It has worked wonders with the pee totally gets absorbed in the pads...and my beautiful baby is smart enough to know to pee right on them!..such a good boy!  His birthday is in July, and he turns 15 this year which is quite a milestone for the breed.  I just hope that this is the last trick he learns!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Just got back from a mini-vacation with my man.  We headed down to Cape, May, NJ and stayed at my parents vacation house from Friday til Monday.  This trip, the pets stayed home.  I wanted to have a quiet and relaxing time.  My pets can be anything but quiet and relaxing.  The weather was wonderful and we ended up riding our bikes all over town.  We took a walk on the beach, checked out the S.S. Atlantus (an old ship made of concrete that is slowly sinking off the coast of Sunset Beach...whose brilliant idea was it to make a ship out of concrete?!! now its swimmin' with da fishes!), looked for Cape May diamonds (which are basically just semi-transparent pebbles), went out for breakfast and basically lazed around the front porch drinking coffee.  This morning while I was still half asleep, I dreamed that I was still in Cape May...what a wondrous feeling....until....the cat broke the spell and started squawking for his food..and of course this gets the dog all excited, so he's up doing his little morning tap dance while waiting for me to get out of bed.  Vacation is over my friends!

The S.S. Atlantus...aka the concrete ship!  I thought that concrete usually sunk to the bottom...which is why the mob uses it.

View of what is left of the S.S. Atlantus

Searching for Cape May diamonds...which are basically just semi-transparent pebbles.

A closer view of the S.S. Atlantus.

Gift shop at Sunset Beach in Cape May, NJ

Cute fountain in front of the gift shop

Reluctantly posing in front of the S.S. Atlantus

This is an old WWII lookout tower that is open for tours.  I took this as we were whizzing by in the car...came out pretty good!


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

May Trash Find!

Found this painted mirror while walking my dog last week.  It is in good condition...with no cracks or flaking of paint.  Looking at it makes me want to pop in an 8track and dance the hustle!  Groovy goodness!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Adventures in Thrifting! The Sequel!

Lets face it, the sequel is never as good as the original right...sad to say, but it is true in this case too.  Last weekend I went to a large flea market in the Fairmount section of Philadelphia, which wrapped around the old haunted Eastern State Penitentiary. For the most part it was a big disappointment. Stuff was priced way too high.  Many of the Fairmount residents were selling their own stuff outside their front doors too...and honestly, the neighbors had more interesting things for sale than the vendors at the flea market. I still managed to pick up a few items though.

I picked up this cute little painting of a boat.  The colors are really vivid and the photo does nothing to capture that.  Thought it would make a nice addition to my growing gallery of paint-by-numbers and thrift store art.

Picked up this bright orange bowl at the flea market.  The vendor tried to convince me that it was Murano glass...yeah right!  It looks more like Viking glassware from the 70s.  Whatever, I wasn't about to argue with her since she was only asking a couple bucks for it.  Sadly, it does have one small chip on it, but it is facing the wall, so you don't really notice it.  

Picked up these two lovelies for just four bucks.  When I see milk glass, I can't resist's a sickness.

I picked up these adorable pear shaped bowls at the flea market.  I thought they would be perfect for rings and other smaller pieces of jewelry.  Very cute.  Initially the girl wanted 8 bucks for them, but as I walked away she cut the price down to 4, but then I pointed out a small chip on one of them, and got them all for 2 bucks.

Sadly, many of the items at the flea market were overpriced.  Saw some lovely pottery pieces, but when I saw the $40 price tag, I put it down and walked away.  Seriously, its a flea market!  Prices are supposed to be cheap!  I refuse to pay more than a few dollars for pottery items.  Afterwards, me and my friends grabbed some lunch for a bit, then as we made our way home, we saw that some of the neighbors were just giving stuff away.  I managed to pick up some books and some free artwork that were just lying in a box on the sidewalk with FREE written on the side.  A disappointing day for finding great bargains, but I'm happy with what little I did manage to find.  Looking forward to another big flea market this coming Saturday, perhaps I'll find some great bargains there.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Taking a break

Too much stress at work with a huge looming my mom is in the hospital....need a break!