Thursday, April 25, 2013

Prom Night

Prom season is upon us! Remember when prom wasn't the outrageous expense that it is today? At my prom we didn't need to rent a limo, my boyfriend at the time,  had borrowed his dad's Lincoln which everyone had dubbed "the boat". My dress didn't cost thousands of dollars, and it certainly didn't have a designer label.    Also, it would never occur to me to go to a tanning salon prior to the prom. Me and my best friend would usually park ourselves in some lawn chairs out back and try to get some sun prior to the prom to get some color...but I recall it being a little chilly since it was still April. I painted my own nails and my mom helped me with my hair (I remember I had cut my hair short about a month prior, because I wanted to look like Olivia Newton-John...her video "Physical" was incredibly popular at the time and I loved her hair in that!)

We danced the night away to Hall & Oats, J. Geils Band, Soft Cell, Quarterflash and many other 80s bands of the day....We even danced to SUPERFREAK! Prom night was just a fun "grownup" night out and was our first taste of "adulthood". Everyone would always go drinking before and after the prom, and of course there was always one person who drank too much and ended up puking in the bathroom! Prom night also was a night where girls/boys would mostly likely lose their virginity...if they hadn't already. Most kids I knew hadn't back then, but I'm sure that's not the case today, since kids start being sexually active at such a young age now!  Nowadays, the poor guy can't simply just ask a girl to the prom, he has to be creative in how he does it, and then post it on YouTube!  These days its more like a competition, who has the biggest limo, who has the most expensive dress.....its kind of sad.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

New Chair

Ed's mom was kind...I mean, REALLY kind enough to GIVE us this fabulous chair!  It is the Crate and Barrel Eiffel Chair.

Sadly, the rest of the place looks like crap next to this beautiful chair!

Moob has tried to make this chair his!

According to Ed, he was napping on it for most of the day!

Seriously, this chair is amazing and I'm grateful that Ed's mom was so generous to give it to us!  The leather feels incredibly soft and I love the color too.  Hopefully we can get the rest of the house to look as good as this chair!

Thursday, April 4, 2013


OK, I know I was supposed to announce the winner on April Fools day but work has been nuts!  We are having a fundraiser in a few weeks and of course the office is in hyper-drive!  Also, I'm planning my parents 50th anniversary party with my brother and I've been super busy!  But, I've finally had a moment to pick a winner and post it!......

And the winner is........

Laura Huey!  Just shoot me an email at and give me your address and I'll be sending the coasters on their way!  Congrats on winning!