Thursday, May 31, 2012

Florida Bound

Ed and I are leaving to spend a week in sunny Florida.  We will be staying at his Uncle Paul's mobile estate.  His uncle only uses it during the fall/winter months, but he is always encouraging family to use it when he's not there.  His place is suprisingly was larger than my old apartment in South Philly.  Uncle Paul was also nice enough to not cancel the cable and will keep it on for us for the duration of our trip, which is great, because the last time we were down there we had no TV and no computer.  We ended up spending several hours at the local Panera bread so that we could catch up on email and news.

Panera Bread at the Largo Mall...spent waaay too much time there the last time we were here!

I'm dying to check out St. Petersburg because I hear its a lovely area filled with antique shops and art kind of place.  Also dying to check out Paper Street Vintage in St. Pete's. The owners of the shop were also featured in Apartment Therapy, one of my favorite design blogs.  Check them out HERE.

One thing that Ed and I are totally excited about is the fact that Wawa convenience stores are making their way down to Florida!  Ed and I are convinced that they have the BEST Coffee EVER!  Wawa was definitely one thing I missed during our trip to Florida last year.  No other coffee comes close!  If you have ever had Wawa coffee, you know what I'm talking about! 

A rendering of a WAWA store opening soon in Florida!  I believe that they broke ground on a bunch of stores earlier this month...sadly they probably aren't open yet :(

I'm also planning on visiting my Uncle Matt and his wife Maryanne, who apparently live just a few blocks away from where we will be staying in Largo, FL.  Ed also has an uncle who lives in nearby Madeira Beach, and we may pop in to say hello to him too.  Poor Mooby will be shipped off to Ed's mom's house later this evening, while we prepare for our trip.  I hope he will be ok in his temporary surroundings.  I'm gonna miss that fuzzy face!   

Can you say Awwwww?

Spotted this little furry friend as I was making my way up the hill in front of my condo on my way home from work last night.  He paused just long enough so that I could pull out my camera phone and snap him.  Such a cutie! 

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Mod Office Furniture

Ed brought home a booklet from one of his clients.  It contains some of the most amazing office furniture I've ever seen!  Check it out!  The company is called Bene and line is called Parcs.  I'm positive that this furniture costs a fortune...but its soo cool!

 Are these office workers hip or is it just the furniture??
 Wow..I love this enclosed space!  Groovy!

Fun colors!  

 This photo reminds me of some of the furniture from the film 2001 Space Odyssey

 Wow, I love that bright color on the chairs!

 This office setup is super cool!

I currently have an old diner booth in the dining area near the kitchen (it was from an old Sizzler restaurant that went out of business).  I really love the color and the mod look, really puts the Sizzler booth to shame.\

The last two photos are from an actual company (Zuno Bank in Bratislava) who bought a bunch of this furniture...makes me wish I could work in such an environment...better yet, wish my home looked this clean and mod.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


I have a vintage chair made by Hollen (pictured above).  During my move a few months ago, the top of the chair became detached from the base of the chair.  It looked like it was not the first time it came apart because there was some dried up brown glue on the base.  To fix it, I decided to go with an epoxy, thinking that nothing would be stronger, because once you put it on, its there forever...sadly, as soon as I sat in the chair I heard a crack and the chair was no longer glued.  Seems that the base is rusted, so I'm wondering if its the rust that is causing the epoxy not to adhere.  Any help would be greatly appreciated, since I love this chair and will try anything to fix it.  Besides, it was Sammy's favorite chair and I would like to keep it in his memory.

Paint Your Pet

I'm sharing a group photo of the painting class.  I'm in there somewhere....

There were some really talented folks in this painting class I favorite was the tuxedo cat with the orange background,  was really amazing, especially up close.  The parrot was a close second.  Can't wait to try this again!

Here is a photo of my painting in progress.  So glad I was able to find these photos on the Painting with a Twist Facebook page.  

Monday, May 21, 2012

Budding Artist

Over the weekend I went to a painting class.  I used to draw a lot when I was younger, but this was my first attempt at a painting, so I was pretty nervous.  The class was held at a place called Painting with a Twist, where they have different paintings each week and they teach you how to re-create a particular painting.  Well this past Saturday was Paint Your Pet night, which was a little different, because we would all be doing our own paintings of our pets.  Each person who enrolled in the class would email a photo of their pet and when you arrived they had you set up with paint and a canvas with a rought sketch of your pet.  They had several artists there to assist you and guide you with your painting.  Everyone was so nice and it was a wonderful experience that I would definitely do it again.  The only drawback is that it only lasted 3 hours... I could have seriously spent a few more hours on my painting getting it just right. I mostly happy with it, except for the whiskers, nose and mouth area.  I used to be timid about painting, but after this experience, I'm ready to do it again. 

Here is my finished painting with the photo I was working with.

Here is my painting at home.  Its not perfect, but I think I really captured Moob's eyes. 

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Oh No!

Very sad to hear that Robin Gibb of the Bee Gees has passed away after a long bout with cancer.  Wow, another one of my favorite performers from the 70s is now gone!  Hard to believe that there is only one Bee Gee left!  Robin was an amazingly talented performer, he will be greatly missed.  No one could hit those high notes like him. 

 I can remember a time when you couldn't turn on the radio without hearing a Bee Gees song.  They were incredibly popular during the 70s and were on a heavy rotation on the airwaves.  I own the soundtrack for Saturday Night Fever, on which they were heaviliy featured, on 8track and LP.   You know that I'll  be listening to them later this evening...probably bopping to it while I'm folding my laundry.   RIP Robin, you were my favorite Bee Gee and I've appreciated all the music you have put out over the years. 

Friday, May 18, 2012

Donna Summer

Its been such a sad year....first Davy Jones passes away, and now Donna Summer!  I cannot tell you how shocked and saddened I was to hear of her passing.  She was the Queen of Disco and I loved her music.  Thinking of her brings back memories of me, my brother and sister dancing in the family room, jumping around like lunatics to 'Bad Girls' 'Hot Stuff' and even 'MacArthur Park'.  Its like a part of my childhood has died.....guess that happens to everyone eventually.  Donna had such a sweet and lovely voice and I will be playing her 8track tape in tribute this evening in remembrance. 

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Been Thinking About This Boy...

Its been over a year since you've been gone, but lately you've been on mind a lot.  Over the weekend I could have sworn I heard you breathe a sigh behind me....and then out of the corner of my eye I thought I saw your white fluffiness head into the kitchen.  I miss you baby boy!  I think of you often.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Last week I had an accident...I fell down as I was walking to work. At the time I thought I could just walk it off and go to work. As I sat on the train I could feel my knee throbbing, but I ignored it. When I arrived at the office I lifted up my pants to see how my knee looked, and to my surprise it was bleeding...but amazingly, my pants suffered no rips or damage due to the fall. After cleaning it up with some hydrogen peroxide and putting on some Neosporin, I spent the day at work, ignoring the nagging pain in my knee. By the end of the day, I was in a lot of pain and was basically limping to the train station. Ed was kind enough to pick me up, when I arrived at the station so that I didn't have to walk home up a big hill. The next morning I was in agony and could barely walk and my knee was swollen. Serves me right for ignoring the injury and thinking that I could just go about my business without having to stop and take care of it. Now I have to wear a knee brace, which totally sucks! Sadly, if I didn't wear the brace I would be afraid that my knee would buckle under me when climbing steps. Makes me miss the days when I could bounce back from a fall like that! As I kid I was always falling or getting scrapes on my knee, but I don't recall feeling this bad afterwards.
Injury Day One (Taken less than an hour after the the time it only felt a little sore, little did I know the agony that was soon to come!)
Injury Day Six (Some ugly scabs and bruising, but definitely feels much better than it looks) Ended up staying home from work for a couple of days because of the injury, but I got to spend some quality time with Mooby.
Mooby hanging out on the cat scratcher I bought him...he loves it!
As I was flipping around channels trying to find something to watch on TV, I came across Bob Ross painting happy little trees on the Create channel. Seems like Mooby was mesmerized by Bob's soothing tones because he sat there for several minutes just watching was adorable!
Mooby being extra cute today! It was nice having him hang out with me.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Battle of the Network Stars

Back in 1976, long before Dancing with the Stars, there was a competition on TV unlike any other.  It was Battle of the Network Stars.  It was a show that  all the network TV stars from ABC, NBC and CBS were pitted against each other while they competed  in a series of physical challenges.  The stars from each network would form a team and there would be a captain of each team.  The show was hosted by Howard Cosell, and he provided his famous psuedo-serious commentary.  It ran every 6 months up until 1985.  Gabe Kaplan of Welcome Back Kotter, was the ABC team captain for most of the 70s.  In 1988, Battle was brought back for one last hurrah, but I don't think it fared too well because it disappeared forever after that.

My favorite part of the show was toward the end, where the two top contending teams would compete in a giant tug o' war.  It was always great fun to watch.  

Below are some great clips from the show.  Enjoy this blast from the past!  

Monday, May 7, 2012


Over the weekend, Ed and I went to a Star Trek convention....I know, I can feel you rolling your eyes, but we go because we love sci fi, but we also love to people watch.  Below are some of the things I captured at the convention.  (it was held at the same place as the horror convention, but it was on a much smaller scale).  Apparently a lot of the cast from Star Trek the Next Generation were there, but we only managed to spot a couple of the cast members.

 This is my favorite part of the convention....capturing folks who get dressed up!

Yes folks....Klingons walk among us!

LeVar Burton?  

Oh wait...there he is!  

Brent Spiner...aka Data from Next Generation.

This guy played the original Captain in the first Star Trek Series.  He played Captain Pike in the pilot episode of Star Trek...before Captain Kirk.  

Um....I think the beard is a dead giveaway.

Toys for Trekkies

These guys were from some Sci Fi radio station.

Wait a this guy picking his nose????

This was very small compared to the Monster Con we went to back in March.  Still we had fun seeing some celebrities and poking fun at some of the folks who get all dressed up.  

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

This brought a tear to my eye!

Steve Keeley is a reporter for Fox 29 in Philadelphia, and holds a special place in my heart because he cares so much about animals, and saved this cats life.  He always loads up his news van with dog and cat food, when he goes out on location, so that he may feed any stray cats or dogs that he encounters.  Steve is a hero to all those animals.