Thursday, May 31, 2012

Florida Bound

Ed and I are leaving to spend a week in sunny Florida.  We will be staying at his Uncle Paul's mobile estate.  His uncle only uses it during the fall/winter months, but he is always encouraging family to use it when he's not there.  His place is suprisingly was larger than my old apartment in South Philly.  Uncle Paul was also nice enough to not cancel the cable and will keep it on for us for the duration of our trip, which is great, because the last time we were down there we had no TV and no computer.  We ended up spending several hours at the local Panera bread so that we could catch up on email and news.

Panera Bread at the Largo Mall...spent waaay too much time there the last time we were here!

I'm dying to check out St. Petersburg because I hear its a lovely area filled with antique shops and art kind of place.  Also dying to check out Paper Street Vintage in St. Pete's. The owners of the shop were also featured in Apartment Therapy, one of my favorite design blogs.  Check them out HERE.

One thing that Ed and I are totally excited about is the fact that Wawa convenience stores are making their way down to Florida!  Ed and I are convinced that they have the BEST Coffee EVER!  Wawa was definitely one thing I missed during our trip to Florida last year.  No other coffee comes close!  If you have ever had Wawa coffee, you know what I'm talking about! 

A rendering of a WAWA store opening soon in Florida!  I believe that they broke ground on a bunch of stores earlier this month...sadly they probably aren't open yet :(

I'm also planning on visiting my Uncle Matt and his wife Maryanne, who apparently live just a few blocks away from where we will be staying in Largo, FL.  Ed also has an uncle who lives in nearby Madeira Beach, and we may pop in to say hello to him too.  Poor Mooby will be shipped off to Ed's mom's house later this evening, while we prepare for our trip.  I hope he will be ok in his temporary surroundings.  I'm gonna miss that fuzzy face!   


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Judging by that accusatory glare, I'd say Mooby is well aware that you're going off on an exciting trip without him.

Have fun!

SUZY8-TRACK said...

Yes, Moob was not amused! He cried in the car the whole time we were driving to Ed's mom's house. We hung out there for an hour while Mooby got settled, then we sort snuck out when he wasn't looking. He's a little scared, but seems to be doing ok. He's got food, litter box and Ed's mom is excited to have a furry friend in the house that she's even coming home early from work today to spend time with him.