Monday, December 26, 2011


Over much deliberation, I've decided that I need to find Mugsy a new home.  It is breaking my heart and I'm crying as I'm typing this out.  As you know, I'm moving in with Ed into his condo.  In his building, pets are not allowed, but he does have a cat named Mooby.   Needless to say, we are terrified that the building management will find out about the cats and proceed to charge us an extra $300 a month (which neither of us can afford).  To keep the peace, Ed has suggested trying to find Mugsy a new home since Mooby has already been living here for 5 years.  Even though I've only had Mugsy a very short time, I'm very depressed about having to lose him.  He came into my life shortly after Sammy passed away...or perhaps I encouraged him to come into my life because I was feeling lonely without Sammy here.  He helped to fill a void and I'm forever grateful to him, but I'm having a really hard time letting go.  I'm asking all my friends and family out there to see if there is any interest in taking him in, preferring not to take him to a local animal shelter.  There is a no-kill animal shelter nearby that I may check out, and perhaps even offer to volunteer there, especially since I love working with animals (I used to be a Veterinary Technician and a pet sitter).  If I have to give up the Mugster, I want him to have the best home possible.  He is such a wonderful cat and I'm really going to miss him terribly.  I love you Mugsy!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Happy Holidays!

Ah, today is my company's holiday party. We are closing the office at 2pm today and heading out to a local restaurant to celebrate the holidays! I won't have to be back in the office until the 27th!  Afterwards, I'm heading home and loading up my car with more of my stuff for the big move. I may have to make a few more trips before I finally get everything at my new home, including Mugsy! Its been a whirlwind month, but things are finally coming together. This will probably be the last time I'm able to post, since I'll be so busy the next few days (holiday baking n' wrapping gifts!) so I'm wishing everyone a safe and joyous holiday!

My friend Ed (the guy in the Santa hat) was kind enough to post a photo of our Holiday Lights tour group! (I'm in there somewhere..)  Merry Merry Everyone!

Mugsy, laying around, while I'm busy packing up stuff!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Santa Baby - Madonna vs. Eartha Kitt

In Philadelphia, where I live, there are several radio stations that play Christmas music starting Thanksgiving and lasting until New Years.  At work, we are not allowed to stream music, so I usually listen to the radio and the one station that I listen to seems to insist on playing "Santa Baby" sung by Madonna.  I've always loved this song and Eartha Kitt does the best job of singing it, with her sexy sultry voice....but when I hear Madonna's version I just wonder to she trying to channel Betty Boop? She's definitely got the dumb blonde sound down pat.  Honestly, it is painful to listen to!

Just an annoying dreadful mess!

Now this is a slower and sexier version that is far superior!

Monday, December 19, 2011


My boyfriend and I had a big blowout this weekend when we were moving the big furniture items to his place.  It was awful and we both yelled at each other.  I've been totally stressed out about the whole move and as soon as we were bringing in the furniture from my place, he was complaining that we have no room for anything which made me feel somewhat unwelcome.  I know that we have a lot of furniture between the two of us, but we need to work it out somehow.    I'm a collector of things...lots of things, and he is looking for a more streamlined, minimal look.  We need to meet in the middle but at times I feel that its his way or no way which makes me upset.  Once we are fully settled in I'm hoping that we will be happier...just hate this transitional time where we have boxes of stuff everywhere and furniture piled up in a if the holidays aren't stressful enough!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

Every year my friend Ed (not my Ed), organizes a Holiday Lights tour around the city of Philadelphia.  A group of us meet up and walk through the city admiring the Christmas displays throughout the city.  I've been attending every year since at least 1999 or 2000.  It is always a lot of fun and it really gets me in the Christmas spirit and I end up going home, weary, but feeling much more festive.  Last night we began our tour at the Christmas Village, which is similar to the small markets found in Germany.  Usually they have the village set up in Dilworth Plaza at City Hall, but since the area is a mess and still being cleaned up due to the fact that Occupy Philly was stationed there just a few weeks ago, the village was moved to Love Park, which is much more appropriate and a better layout for the shops in the village.  Thankfully the weather was somewhat warm for this time of year, so we weren't freezing our butts off while walking around the city.

 Welcome to Christmas Village!

 Christmas Tree at Love Park

I think this is a giant macaroni, but oddly enough there is no sponsor name, so we all assumed that it was sponsored by Kraft Macaroni and cheese.

After the Village, we headed over to the AIA bookstore which had a small toy museum dedicated to all the building toys such as Lego, Lincoln Logs, Erector sets and the like.

After this it was off to Macy's, which used to be the old John Wannamaker's Department Store.  First up is the fun A Christmas Carol display which has been in this city since at least the 60s.   A few years ago, there was a lovely story in the local papers about how the figures were in dire need of repair or replacement.  The original designer of the figures, whom to my surprise was still alive, was brought in to replace the old figures with new ones.  The work is amazing and the figures look exactly the same, but in newer condition.

 Its really cute, they recreate a small English village from Dicken's era.  

Lights are on at the Pickwick Club.

 Scrooge choosing money over love.....*snif*

The Ghost of Christmas Present forcing Scrooge to drink from the cup of human kindness...hey at least they fixed last years problem....remember this?

Drink!  Drink up!!  Last year we were all hysterical b/c Scrooge's head was bobbing back and forth making it look like....well you know!

Ok, enough of that!  I'll clean it up now!  Next was the Light Show which is held in the grand hall of Macy's.  At one time there used to be fountains which moved along with the music, but I think it got to expensive to do that and they stopped them sometime back in 2001.  Over the last 10 years parts of the display disappeared because it was literally falling apart, but now everything has been replaced by newer technology, but still being respectful of the original design of the show.

Below are some photos of Macy's all decorated for the holidays.  I have to admit, the John Wanamaker building, where Macy's is now located, is one of the most beautiful in the city.

Its the Believe-O-Meter!  Santa wont come unless u believe!

 The Wanamaker Eagle!

Next, we went underground to Suburban Station, which was decked out in its holiday finest...

 Last, but not least, we arrived at the Comcast Center where they have the most incredible 3D Holiday Show
Watching this was making me a little dizzy, it made it feel like you were on a fast moving sled.

Some mesmerized viewers at the Comcast Center

Some folks climbing higher to get a better view of the show!

Afterwards we headed out to Nodding Head Brewery and Restaurant for some food and merriment!  I was exhausted by the time I got home, but it was well worth it because now I have wonderful memories of friends and fun.

Monday, December 5, 2011


You start to find out things that your boyfriend doesn't like about your stuff when you move in together...such as he HATES the color orange.  Many things I own are orange!  I've decided to part with my fabulous orange chair that I got off Craigslist and get something that both of us can live with.  The main reason for this decision is because his cat Mooby will scratch the hell out of this chair...I just know it!  So now I'm willing to part with it.  Plus, getting new furniture is exciting!  Clean slate!  Fresh start!  Just trying to put a positive spin on it!  

Anyway, there is still tons to do before the big move, and I'm still carting boxes of my smaller items over to his place.  He keeps asking me if there will be more, and when I say yes, I get that look of dismay.  Surely its hard for him, seeing me bring in all my crap, but once everything is here, and things can be put in their place, it will all work out.  I'll be bringing Mugs over next week and I'm hoping that he and the Moob will get along...fingers crossed!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Moving Sucks!

I've been moving small items to my boyfriend's house for the last month.  In a couple of weeks we will do the U-Haul truck thing and move everything over...but I'm really beginning to hate this transitional period.  Half my stuff is at his place and the other half is still at my current abode.  I've been moving smaller chairs and tables, and also my computer and desk to his place, so during the week, all I have is my iphone to access the internet, and of course my work computer.  Sadly, when I was carrying a chair to the car, the bottom part just fell off!  The weird thing was it didn't even bang against anything, it just fell off!  Of course I was carrying a box in my other arm when this happened and needless to say, I was cursing like a sailor! The chair, manufactured by Hollen, is one of my favorite chairs and I'm super pissed that its broken.  Not sure when it was made, but it is definitely vintage. When I inspected the chair I noticed some yellowish/brownish dried appears I'm not the first person to break it. Now I have to figure out a way to fix this!  Ed suggested getting an epoxy which is usually 2 tubes that get mixed into one glue and it is supposedly very strong and will hold forever.  I may have to try that because I want to keep this chair.

I had taken apart and brought over a couple of bookcases to Ed's.  When I was trying to re-assemble them, Ed thought he would help me out by lifting one of the cases, which was lying on the floor, to the upright position, without my putting in the braces or shelves....needless to say, it ended up on the scrap heap later that day.  Damned particle board!  When I was putting together the other bookcase, I told Ed not to do anything until I asked him for help...and thankfully he obliged that time and the bookcase is sitting proudly in the living room.

I'm trying to downsize all my collections, from 8-tracks to clothing and shoes, Goodwill here I come!  Even though my boyfriend has a 3 bedroom place, all of the rooms are filled with stuff!  I'm hoping to be able to clear out enough space to fit my things.  The ultimate goal is to find a bigger place, but in the meantime we are doing this to save money.  I'm also in a pickle with Mugsy.  Ed is upset that I got a cat.  His building only allows pets on certain floors of the building, and he doesn't live on one of those floors.  Also, he is already hiding his cat Mooby at his place and he feels that if I brought in another cat, we would get caught and be fined or worse, have to get rid of the cats!  I'm hoping that we can work out some sort of arrangement where we can all live together peacefully, without being found out.  Mugs is basically a timid and super quiet cat.  Mooby on the other hand, is an alpha cat.  I'm not sure how either will take to one another, but I'll have to do some research on that.  Since this is only a temporary situation, I'm hoping we can work things out.  I don't want to get rid of Mugsy....he has really helped me considerably since Sammy's death.  I've lost 2 pets this year and I'm not sure if I can handle losing a third.

 Aspen, RIP little buddy!

Sammy, a few months before he passed away, sitting in the NOW broken chair.

How can anyone say NO this adorable face!