Thursday, October 25, 2012

Busy busy busy!

Life has been so busy that I've been neglecting this sad and lonely blog!  But fear not my friends, I will be back in action soon!  In the meantime, enjoy this little bit o' fun!

Man I loved this show when I was a kid! 

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Florida Trip

Ed and I recently returned from another trip to Florida.  This time we stayed in style!  A co-worker has an incredible condo overlooking the beach and she was kind enough to allow Ed and I to stay there!  It was so spacious and lovely!  We had unbelievably beautiful views of the beach too!

View of the living room.  We loved those little ottomans!

 Another view of the living room
 Dining room
 Huge kitchen!
 Guest Bedroom
 Another Guest Bedroom
 Another shot in the living room
 Master Bedroom, this is where we slept.
Amazing view from the balcony!
 Incredible sunsets we watched from the balcony!
Pool and hot tub!
Some of the amazing finds on the beach!
We had a wonderful trip!  We looked for jobs, we even had a couple of interviews!  We looked at houses!  Hoping to make this move to Florida a reality!  

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Harriton House Plantation Fair

I never realized that there were any plantations this far North of the Mason Dixon line...but apparently there is the Harriton House Plantation, which used to be a tobacco plantation.  It was at one time owned by Charles Thomson, the first and only Secretary to the Continental and Confederation Congresses and also designer of the Great Seal of the United States which can be found on the reverse side of a one dollar bill. The house was built in 1704 and was originally called "Bryn Mawr", (which is the name of the town I currently live in) meaning high hill.  Every year they hold the Harriton House Plantation Fair, and this was the first time I attended.  There were pony rides and crafts for the kids, women spinning yarn, men dressed in vintage style war uniforms, food provided by the Amish, farm animals of every sort and lots of stuff for sale.  It was great fun and I really enjoyed it.  Below are some snaps I took while I was there. 

Here is a view of the plantation house...Tara its not...but it was nice inside.  Funny thing about this photo, there was a family walking up the the hill and the woman had a sheep on a leash like a dog...and if you look closely, that is a sheep that the kids are petting.

Beautiful horse that wouldn't stay still long enough for me to get a good photo...this one was the best of the bunch.  He was super friendly...until a bunch of kids came running up and scared him off.

Young cow grazing in the field.
This young bull was so cute, he kept making noise as if he wanted people to come over to watch him eat.  He would look around and as soon as folks came over to see him, the head would be in the bucket.
They had a whole shelf full of these vintage model airplane kits for sale.
 Love this vintage photo!
One of the few things we purchased at the fair....this cat planter is going to be a gift for Ed's Aunt.  Her home has a huge porch area, and she has lots of catty stuff on it.
I was eyeing this rug....kicking myself for not getting it. 
These guys look like Revolutionary War re-enactors. 
I read that this was once a pool house.  Pool is gone now *sniff* and it is now a community space used for different events.
Looking out the windows of the Plantation.
Incredibly huge fireplace in the kitchen!
What on earth is that small bed of nails for?  Looks more like a torture device than something for kitchen use.
Sorry for the crappy quality of this photo, but this secretary desk was supposedly owned by Charles Thompson.

The home had occupants living there up until the 60s.  It was then sold and declared a historical site and is now open for tours.  They have blacksmithing classes (if thats your thing), as well as classes on beekeeping and wood turning.  They also have apple tastings here too.