Friday, August 27, 2010

A Poem

Ok, since I posted a Leonard Nimoy video, I thought I would share this lovely little nugget of a poem written by Mr. Nimoy.  The first time I heard it I was down the shore with some friends, and we were all hanging around and drinking beer and listening to "The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins" along with some William Shatner songs too.  Everyone was cracking up, then one of my friends magically pulls out a book of poetry by Nimoy and begins to recite the following:
I am me
you are you
our love
is us
to stop loving you
I would have to
stop loving me

I think that you'll have to agree with the publishers of his poetry books Blue Mountain Press when they state:   'Leonard Nimoy is surely one of the world's "special" people.'

Leonard Nimoy's Ballad of Bilbo Baggins

retYesterday I shared a Shatner video, today It's Nimoy.  This one is so incredibly bad...its good!  His self-centeredness shines through!  Happy Friday Everyone!!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

William Shatner - "Rocket Man" (1st Generation Copy)

I'm wondering what is in the cigarette he's smoking! Shatner rocks!!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Killing me with cuteness!

My hero, Jonathan Adler is at it again, creating expensive adorable things....but the prices on these are not totally out of reach.  But seriously, these are too cute for words:

Monday, August 23, 2010

I'm so glad I have my bike!

Last month SEPTA, the organization which runs our buses, trains and trolleys had some fare hikes.  This prompted me to purchase a bike. Here are some things that need improvement with the organization:

1) The stench of urine, murder and vomit at the stations!  It is so strong, that it seems to permeate my clothing and I'm stuck smelling this crap all day long.  Also, does there have to be a fried chicken place at every friggin station?  Enough with the fried chicken!  I cannot bear the smell of fried chicken and urine on my work clothes any longer!

2) Can we please have someone patrol the subway platforms a little more frequently? The freaking crackheads and shifty men & women constantly asking for money is beyond tiresome. I carry the strongest pepper spray available, and if they lean in too close to me one more time I will hose these assholes down.

3) We need some SEPTA workers to patrol the trains and start handing out fines for the people who clearly can't read the rules. Fine them when they are gnawing down on fried chicken, spitting their sunflower seeds onto the floor, or dropping their empty bag of chips. Fine them when blasting their ghetto rap or yelling and cursing on their cell phones. If I had my way, cell phone use would be banned entirely on public systems!  Please just patrol the cars and enforce the rules. These ghetto people make the ride miserable for everyone.

Having dealt with this crap for many years, I'm finished.  I will do my best to ride SEPTA as little as possible, now that I have my bike. All these fare hikes, yet nothing about the service gets improved.  I think people want to know where there money is going...Oh wait..thats right...Fox 29 did an expose on exactly where the money goes...Over the past three years, The Board of Directors, senior SEPTA officers and their staff racked up food and beverage tabs of more than $15,000 celebrating the holidays and ringing in the New Year.
The 2007 bash cost $6,358. In 2008 it was $5,882.00. Last year’s party cost about the same. The money to pay for these parties came out of each year’s operating budget.  Board members were also treated to gifts over the past three years. Gallery bowls were given to departing board members. The commemoratives were bought with SEPTA funds at a Center City gift shop on Broad Street. Each bowl cost about $700.  In 2008, SEPTA paid more than $34,000 for decorative clocks from a Drexel Hill gift shop. The clocks were given to board members, the general manager and selected SEPTA staffers to memorialize their work on SETPA funding. $2,063 was spent on briefcases.  I think that City Councilman Curtis Jones said it best "If you chose between giving the gift and raising fares, then get rid of the gift,”.  

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Mitch Miller

I know that this is a few days late, but I thought I would post a memoriam for Mitch Miller.  I had no idea who this guy was years ago, when I purchased this album at a thrift store....

Inside the album were lyrics so that everyone can sing along...this was long before karaoke.  It looked like a fun sing-along album to play during the holidays, which was why I bought it.   Anyway, when I heard that he had passed away on July 31st, I thought I would find out more about this Mitch Miller guy.  He was a musician, singer, conductor, record producer and record company executive.  He served as the head of A&R records back in the 50s and 60s and was responsible for signing important artists such as Patti Page, Frankie Laine, Johnnie Ray, Ray Conniff, Percy Faith, Jimmy Boyd, Jonny Mathis, Tony Bennett and Guy Mitchell.  He also helped direct the careers of Doris Day, Dinah Shore and Jo Stafford.  He is also the one who discovered Aretha Franklin and signed her to her first major recording contract.

He was also known for not pursuing some giant acts of the day such as Elvis Presley and Buddy Holly, because Mitch did not approve of the Rock n' Roll sound.  He preferred promoting gimmicks and had a penchant for novelty songs...which did not sit too well with some people, including Frank Sinatra and Rosemary Clooney.  Music historian Will Friedwald wrote in his book Jazz Singing that "Miller exemplified the worst in American pop.  He first aroused the ire of intelligent listeners by trying to turn — and darn near succeeding in turning — great artists like Sinatra, Clooney, and Tony Bennett into hacks. Miller chose the worst songs and put together the worst backings imaginable — not with the hit-or-miss attitude that bad musicians ... traditionally used, but with insight, forethought, careful planning, and perverted brilliance."[

In the 1960s, Miller became a household name with his 1961–1966 NBC television show Sing Along with Mitch, a community-sing program featuring him and a male chorale.  During the second season of Sing Along with Mitch, Miller himself coined the catchphrase "all smiles." Many people seem to think these were preceded by the instructions to "sing along; just follow the bouncing ball" — a large dot that "bounced" above the words that were superimposed on the screen of the song that Mitch and the chorale were performing. However, the show was sponsored by Ballantine beer and sometimes the Ballantine rings logo would be substituted for the dot. Miller did not use the "bouncing ball", that was a staple of movie theater singalong shorts, most notably from Warner Brothers cartoons. Miller himself stated that in a 2000 interview "there never was a bouncing ball."

Many people credit him as the inventor of what would eventually become the modern day version of Karaoke.  Sing Along with Mitch ran on television from 1961 until it was canceled in 1964, a victim of changing musical tastes. Advertisers were more interested in targeting the youth market, and the show was geared too much toward mature viewers. The show's format remained popular in England, where comedian Max Bygraves hosted his own version, Sing Along with Max.  Sadly, his name has been forgotten over the years, and to be honest, I had never heard of him, until I purchased that Christmas album a few years ago.  So here's to Mitch!  

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

August Trash Find

While walking the dog last night I happened upon this sad looking cabinet.  My heart literally stopped and I realized that I had to pounce on this before someone else grabbed it.  I rushed home with the dog (much to his dismay) and ran out to get my car.  I had promised myself that I was no longer going to bring home stuff from the trash...but when I saw this beauty I could not help myself.  It is in terrible shape and needs a lot of TLC, but I think it has a lot of potential and will look terrific when I'm finished with it. I'm thinking of getting some new hardware for the drawer and the two front doors need new pulls.  The legs are some sort of metal, possibly brass?  I'll have to shine the up with some fine steel wool. My back is a bit sore from trying to shove it into the back seat of my car, but the pain is well worth it.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Bigmouth Strikes Again!

When she speaks...idiots listen!  Click on the link above to read about her latest ramblings on the Huffington Post.    Come November, be afraid, very afraid...the Grizzly Mutha's are out to kill!

Looky what I got!

Goodies from my most recent Goodwill hunting trip. I know...more milk glass??? I just cannot help myself, plus this large piece is to help replace the one I broke a couple years ago:   It only cost $3.

I love the groovy design on those vintage drinking glasses! I need more of these in my life! They were $1.00 for both.