Monday, January 30, 2012


Well, Mugsy is still at my parent's house and I'm still trying to find a home for him.  He came close a few times, but folks have backed out at the last minute.  Figured I would post this super cute video of the hopes that someone out there will see it an fall in love with him!  My parents are anxious for him to find a home soon, and I've been tapping every resource I know.  My heart breaks for this little guy!  I'm trying to remain optimistic that I will find him a home.

Below are some photos I took of Mugs yesterday in what my parents refer to as the "kitty apartment".  

 Here  it is...the "kitty apartment" in all its glory!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

On my way to work

Since I moved in with Ed, I now take the train into work.  My office is located a few blocks from the train station and every morning I walk through the City Hall building and head south to my office on Broad Street.  This morning, as I slowly made my way in, I realized, this is a pretty amazing city.  I walk past some amazing art and architecture each and every morning without even noticing.  This morning I decided to take a few photos with my iphone just to give you a little peek into what I see as I make my way from the train station to my office every morning.

This is the first thing I see when I come up the steps from the underground train station...a very erotic sculpture in front of the Municipal Building.   It has some name like Erotica or something like that.  Years ago, I had a make out session with an old boyfriend at the base of that sculpture!

 This is the North entrance into Philadelphia City that Ben Franklin looking down upon the people from up above?

This is the mysterious Masonic Lodge...not open to the public.

Blocked off stairwell at City Hall...for some reason I find this view oddly appealing, perhaps its the soft glow of light from behind the bars.

 There is something romantic about that balcony view...I almost expect Juliet call down to Romeo

 A blurry view of the north entrance area of City Hall

 Love all the intricate carvings 

This is leading to the large courtyard in the center of City Hall

Inside the huge courtyard of City Hall.  Each entrance into the courtyard has incredible tile work and carvings.    It is an amazing building...too bad the offices inside aren't as grand...think drop ceilings and wood paneling...ick...well at least it was like that in the late 90s, hopefully with all the renovations they have been doing over the last few years, they did some work on the office spaces too.  Looking at these photos makes me appreciate where I live and not take things for granted.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Mugsy Update

Mugs hanging out at my parent's house

At the moment Mugsy is staying at my parents house.  My mom and dad have kindly offered to give him a home until we can find a permanent home.  I've had some interest, but I'm being cautious since I've had a few folks change their mind on me so far.  Earlier this week me and my mom took the Mugster to the vet to get some bloodwork and full check up to make sure that he is healthy to be adopted.  His bloodwork came back negative and he was pronounced healthy.  The vet estimated his age to be between 3 and 5 and as I suspected, he was neutered.  Mugsy was a big hit at the animal hospital, the staff loved him and offered to help us find a home for him.  I need to take him back in 3 weeks for an updated vaccine, but he's doing really great. 

Mugsy basically hangs out in my parent's family room which is in their finished basement.  His bed is the sofa and he comes upstairs a few times a day for some head rubs and attention. My dad refers to it as the "kitty apartment".  He had adapted very well to his new surroundings (he must know that he's with a family of animal lovers).  I'm hoping that his easy going disposition will help him get a new home.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Uhuru Furniture Finds

Once again I'm blown away by the selection of furniture at Uhuru Furniture & Collectibles located at 12th and Spruce streets in Philadelphia. Check out my favorites: 

Do I need more chairs?  Not really....but....
Love everything about this bedroom set.
I nearly fainted when I saw these! 

Interesting legs on this piece

These tables are very unique and I like the blue glass tops

Old fashioned, but lovely!
Pier 1 was selling chairs like these a few years ago!

If you live near the Philly area, you should definitely check them out...its much easier than dealing with Craigslist!

To Sell or Not To Sell

 Ok, since moving in with Ed, we have been going through our belongings and making some hard decisions on what to get rid of and what to keep.  So far the stuff I've gotten rid of could have filled  a thrift store and I'm not done yet.  Ed is urging me to get rid of my 8 track tapes and LPs!  Now I've been an avid collector since 1997 and feel that the collection is a part of my identity, even my email is suzy8track.  I managed to pare my collection down from several thousand tapes and a dozen players to about a couple hundred tapes and four players.  Now I'm debating whether or not to fully get rid of all my tapes and players...but I'm really having a hard time.  Not sure if I'm ready to part with them completely just yet.  I'm very attached to some of my most coolest players and of course my K-Tel and Ronco compilation tapes.  Ed says get rid of everything and start with a clean slate.  He complains that I can get all that music digitally nowadays.  He doesn't appreciate the cover art of albums and tapes and he most certainly does not appreciate the ka-chunk sound between tracks.  For now they are staying put and I'm hoping once we clean out the one room of all our excess furniture, that I can make it into a music room where I can listen to all my groovy tapes and LP's.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!!

Looking back I realized what a year of change it has been. I got a new job,lost both my dog and cat to cancer and moved into a new place with my boyfriend. It has been a sad and stressful year and I'm hoping that this coming year will bring better things ahead. Mugsy is close to finding a new home, a friend is interested in meeting him, so I'm doing a lot of praying for him, even though I'm not a religious person. My new year's eve was rather mellow, watching Abbott and Costello meet Frankenstein on TV. It really helped me laugh and forget all my stresses of the moment. The one positive thing about all this is that I've lost some weight. Most people gain weight over the holidays, I lost 10 lbs. Its not the healthy way to lose, but to me it seems like a reward for all of the stresses I've had to endure this past year.

Here's to wishing everyone a positive outlook for a new year and new experiences to be had.