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I think I'm done with Etsy

Back in July, Etsy changed their policy by encouraging sellers to offer free shipping for sales over $35.  For those sellers who do not comply with this new policy, they will now be penalized by having their shops appear last in the searches.  I get it, Etsy wants to be like Amazon, who offers free shipping to Prime members, but unfortunately the makers are the ones getting totally screwed in this deal.  In order for the sellers to make up the difference, they will have to jack up the pricing of their goods in order to cover the shipping costs that would otherwise be lost in under this new policy.  I'm not sure why Etsy wants to be like Amazon, especially since Prime members pay a yearly free to get the privilege of free shipping.  In their efforts, they are penalizing the makers, who do not make what Amazon I'm not sure why theI y are following this model? If that wasn't bad enough, they have added insult to injury by removing the shop names from any of the s

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