Tuesday, February 25, 2014

I'm 50...and I kick....and stretch....and KICK!!!!

Yes, that's right folks...I've reached a milestone birthday! 50 used to seem so old to me, but now that its here, its strange, because I certainly don't feel this old.  I'm not going to lament on all the things that I did or did not accomplish during my 50 years.  Life is too short for that!  I would rather focus on just living and loving life.

According to a recent Harris interactive poll, people were asked what the perfect age would be if they could live forever in good health, and surprisingly, 50 was the age that most people chose.  It was reasoned that people chose 50 because they were old enough to have wisdom and young enough that their parents are still alive.  I really hate the "50 is the new 30" bullshit!  I'm 50, I have gray hairs, I'm not as sprite as I used to be, my knees are creaky and my eyesight is terrible....but I wouldn't change a thing....well except perhaps the creaky knees, I really hate that they make noise when I'm walking down steps!

My brother bought me an AARP membership for my birthday.....I'll have to remember to do that for him when he turns 50 in few years! He told me that with my membership I get lots of discounts and benefits...so I suppose getting older does have some perks.  Does this mean that I now have to wear polyester pants??!!!!  :)!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Thriller Dance

On the cruise there were many activities...and one of them was learning how to do the Thriller dance.  This is a video that I found on You Tube of the Thriller dance from my cruise.  I watched this from a few decks up.  The two people in the front are quite good because they are the cruise directors who taught the dance to the rest of the group. 

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

I'm an IDIOT!

Last week Ed and I went on a cruise to Grand Cayman and Cozumel Mexico....and I lost my damned iPhone in Grand Cayman!!  I carelessly left in the bathroom in the area where all the ferry boats carrying passengers from all the cruise ships dock.  So it had to be someone from one of the cruise ships or someone who works there, because the area is not open to the general public.  By the time I realized my phone was gone, about 15 minutes later, the phone was long gone. I was sort of grumpy during the rest of my visit in Grand Cayman.  There was one nice thing that happened, Ed took a surprisingly large amount of photos on our vacation, normally he gives me a hard time for taking photos all the time, but since I had lost my phone, he more than made up for all the photos I would have taken.  It was like he was possessed or something...but I'm glad because now we have all these amazing photos. Will eventually post some up here, but in the meantime, I'll just resume kicking myself in the ass for being so stupid!