Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Plowed over

One of my favorite reporters on Fox 29, Steve Keeley,  in Philadelphia had a video that went viral and even made Letterman's top 10 list!  It was during the latest snow storm and Keeley was standing next to a New Jersey highway reporting on the road conditions.  A few moments later, a convoy of snowplows drives past him as the camera continues to roll. The first two pass without incident, but the third plow rockets a wall of snow at Keeley's back, briefly turning the entire screen white. You can hear people in the Fox 29 studio scream, obviously worried about whether he was OK...turns out he was.  He even continued with his report moments later!!

Steve is a very humble guy who doesn't want the story to become all about HIM, and has declined being interviewed by any of the major media outlets regarding the incident.  He only went so far as to tweet about it, making a joke that Letterman eventually stole for his top 10 list the other night:

Steve Keeley 

"I knew I was in for bad day when saw email from fired Gov. Christie staffer "Time for some plow troubles for Steve Keeley"@fox29philly"

At least he has a great sense of humor about the incident!