Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Bah Humbug!

Not sure what it is about this holiday, but I'm glad its almost over!  I've been in a grumpy mood for most of December and Christmas Eve took me over the top.  We had a lovely time with friends and family, but for some reason, I wasn't really in the mood.  I usually love the holidays, but this year was a total bust for me.  Even the Holiday lights tour that I go on every year couldn't drag me out of my funk.  To top it all off...when we came home on Christmas Eve, after spending time with the family, I opened the car door only to have my favorite holiday platter fall out and smash to the ground!  I was very upset because I LOVED this platter and had used it during the holidays for the last 10 years!  Photos of the carnage below....anyway, I suppose it was a fitting end to the Christmas holiday and how I've been feeling this season.  On another note, I also got new glasses with Progressive lenses, and to be honest, I've been getting headaches with them.  They are a bit of an adjustment, so that just added to my malaise.  Feeling a bit like Charlie Brown this holiday.  Hopefully everyone had a better Christmas than me!  Even Ed was a downer this year, and has already started talking about taking down the tree!  Oh well, looking forward to a new year! 

Ed apologized for just throwing it in the backseat of the car.  Apparently as we were driving home, it was rolling around in the back seat and when I finally opened the back door...SMACK!

Hopefully I'll be able to score another one of these...but I think it will be difficult.  It was a present from my sister many years ago.  *sigh*  Just have to keep scouring ebay for one of these.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Holiday Display

I saw this incredible Christmas/winter display in a storefront down the street from my house.  The large white deer is also animated.  It was such a lovely wintry display that I had to stop and photograph it. 

I just love how sweet and simple this is!  No santa...just lights, trees and woodland creatures! 

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Fawn Giveaway...again! ....and more!

Ok the first time I did this it didn't go so well...hell, no one wanted my cute little Bambi figures, poor little guys!  Anyway, despite my lack of response, I'd figure I'd try this once again.  Hoping that perhaps there someone who would be interested in this fawn planter. It is in great condition with no chips, crazing, etc.  Colors are a vibrant yellow and burgundy.  I would rather it go to someone who would love it rather than just take to my local Goodwill... yes I'm a little crazy like that, attaching emotion to these "things" I've owned.  Its almost like finding a home for a pet. 

Another item that I'm offering is:

Cute proverbs mini plate set.  I had mainly bought it for one particular little plate that said "curiosity killed the cat" ....and of course, the cat broke it and I almost killed him ....ALMOST!  Anyway, I don't really want the rest of the set.

Basically all you need to do is leave a comment and I'll pick one at random.  The winner will just need to give me their address and I'll mail it out to them!   If you are the lucky winner and just want one of the items, let me know and I'll choose again and the next person will win the consolation prize of the other item.  Winner will be announced in early January.



Thursday, December 6, 2012

Mugsy update

I was talking to my friend Pam recently, and she was telling me about Mugsy.  Mugsy was a cat that I had rescued last year and was desperately trying to find a home for.  Her Uncle Paul was kind enough to adopt Mugsy last year and now Mugsy is now known as Blackie.  Blackie and Paul are getting along famously.  Pam has been by to see him a few times this past year and she told me that Paul is grateful for the feline companionship and she also said the Blackie is super close to Paul, staying near him at all times and following him from room to room.  I'm so happy that Blackie aka Mugsy is doing so well.  It warms my heart to know that I did a good thing in rescuing this poor baby from the mean streets of Philadelphia.  Now he lives in a nice home in a suburban area living the good life.

Its Official

Tardar Sauce aka Grumpy Cat is continuing the quest for world domination.  Recently the famous feline was featured on the Today Show earlier this week. 

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