Monday, July 30, 2012

Burn Baby...Burn!!

Ugh, I've been so accident prone this year!  First it was my fall where I messed up my knee a few months this!  Normally I love Sunday's, home cooked breakfast with some coffee or tea, and lounging around the house.  Sadly, I burned myself while cooking breakfast...I blame the bacon!

Ed seems to think that I need to put the spatula down and just stick to baking, since that is what I do best.  

New Start

Ed and I have been discussing the possibility of moving to Florida sometime within the next few months, or probably sometime early next year.  Its a huge decision, especially since most of my family is here near Philadelphia, PA.  At the moment I'm seeing how the job market is, by sending out resumes to see if I get any responses (using Ed's Uncle's address on the resume).  To be honest, I'm sick of working in an office all day and am looking for something different...what that is, I'm still trying to figure out.  I love working with animals, but traditionally, those jobs are low paying and don't offer benefits ( I know from experience!) ....but then again, if Ed gets a decent job (he had an interview when we were there in June and it sounded like the company would have hired him on the spot, except for the fact that he wasn't living in FL yet.) I may be able to work with animals without us having to worry about money too much, my only concern would be for medical benefits.  We both would like to get involved in cat fostering down there too, and perhaps adopt some more kitty friends for Moob.  Once I figure what I want to do as a career, and get some responses to my resume, I'll feel a bit better, still, its a scary prospect to just up and quit a good paying job to live in uncertainty in a new state.  Suppose I need to look at this move through rose colored glasses and see it as an opportunity to start fresh and begin anew.  Ed is really psyched to move, the job market is better and less competitive than Philly, at least for his field, and housing is super cheap!  For what Ed paid for his 3 bdrm condo, we can get a 4 bdrm house with  a pool and nice sized yard!  I'm anxious, nervous and excited at the same time.  The worst part will be telling my family...I know that they will have their reservations about me quitting my job and moving.  One nice thing is that the area that we are looking at is near both my Uncle Matt and his Uncle Paul, so at least some family will be nearby.

One thing that will be nice about living in FL is the fact that we won't have any SNOW!

I won't miss having to trudge in this every morning!  (taken from my front door in South Philly, winter of 2010 where we got over 2 ft of snow in one weekend, If I remember correctly, this photo was taken during the first storm to hit the end of the storms that car was totally buried and looked like a huge pile of snow).

Monday, July 23, 2012

Summer Fun

Photo of our fabulous pool!

This summer, Ed and I have been spending a lot of time hanging out in the pool at our condo.  I must say, its been wonderful!  We have loved every minute of it!  Nothing better than coming home after a long day at work and taking a jump in the pool!  The only drawback is the fact that it makes our hair look like straw!  Both Ed and I have been suffering from dry, flyaway hair that looks terrible!  After doing a little research, I found that you should rinse your hair approximately 10 minutes after being in the pool...seriously?  I'm already water logged when I get out of the I have to sit under a shower for 10 minutes? NO THANKS!!! Now I'm on the hunt for a treatment or shampoo that helps to remove the harsh chemicals from your hair. 

I did find a remedy that just uses shampoo, baking soda and vinegar...but I'm not sure I want my hair smelling like a deli.  I may try it tonight just to see if this trick works.  Should be easy enough, mix the baking soda and shampoo, leave in your hair for 2 minutes, rinse, then put vinegar on, for 2 minutes then rinse and condition.  I'm hoping that this will do the trick.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Black Cat Cafe

On a sweltering Saturday morning, Ed and I decided to try a new place for breakfast.  He had found out about a place called the Black Cat Cafe in Devon, PA. He said that a local cat shelter runs the restaurant and that it is manned by volunteers and that all the proceeds go to the shelter and other local animal rescue organizations.  It sounded like such a cute idea so I was pretty excited to check it out!

The decor of the place is super cute, with some lovely artwork on the walls of cats.  My favorite has to be the big mural in the bathroom, which looks like a Van Gogh painting, but with was amazing!
The food was delicious, but was service was really slow.  I didn't mind too much though, I knew that everyone there was a volunteer and they were all there to help the animals.  I ordered a spinach, mushroom and cheese omelette with a tall glass of Southern sweet tea, which was so refreshing and delicious.  Ed got a ham and cheese omelette with an iced coffee.  It was a nice leisurely morning and we felt good about helping out the cats.  While I was there I snapped some photos of the place too....

 Some of the cute cat plates staring down at me as I ate my meal.
 Cute little dining room.  There were two dining rooms in this very cute place. 
 Some original artwork for sale at the restaurant

 Gift shop in the lobby, and all proceeds to go to our furry friends!

 The amazing mural in the bathroom!

 Close-up of the cafe kitties!!  This was so freakin' cute!

Please click on the link to see a video all about THE BLACK CAT CAFE!  I love this idea!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Yes...I watched...

and was thoroughly disgusted as Ed was laughing!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Have A Happy 4th!

Break out the pantyhose & pumps and put a sweater on your head...Its time to do a patriotic dance!

Hope everyone has a happy and safe 4th of July!