Monday, July 9, 2012

Black Cat Cafe

On a sweltering Saturday morning, Ed and I decided to try a new place for breakfast.  He had found out about a place called the Black Cat Cafe in Devon, PA. He said that a local cat shelter runs the restaurant and that it is manned by volunteers and that all the proceeds go to the shelter and other local animal rescue organizations.  It sounded like such a cute idea so I was pretty excited to check it out!

The decor of the place is super cute, with some lovely artwork on the walls of cats.  My favorite has to be the big mural in the bathroom, which looks like a Van Gogh painting, but with was amazing!
The food was delicious, but was service was really slow.  I didn't mind too much though, I knew that everyone there was a volunteer and they were all there to help the animals.  I ordered a spinach, mushroom and cheese omelette with a tall glass of Southern sweet tea, which was so refreshing and delicious.  Ed got a ham and cheese omelette with an iced coffee.  It was a nice leisurely morning and we felt good about helping out the cats.  While I was there I snapped some photos of the place too....

 Some of the cute cat plates staring down at me as I ate my meal.
 Cute little dining room.  There were two dining rooms in this very cute place. 
 Some original artwork for sale at the restaurant

 Gift shop in the lobby, and all proceeds to go to our furry friends!

 The amazing mural in the bathroom!

 Close-up of the cafe kitties!!  This was so freakin' cute!

Please click on the link to see a video all about THE BLACK CAT CAFE!  I love this idea!


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Love the decor! Yes, with volunteers you have to take what you get. Their hearts are in the right place though! When I lived in Winnipeg, a local no-kill shelter ran an all-cats gift store to help support the shelter. It was called "Kitten Kaboodle."

SUZY8-TRACK said...

Ed was actually a little disappointed not to see any cats or dogs, but I think they probably cancelled it due to the extreme heat. To be honest, the place was practically empty. Its such a sweet idea and I hope they continue to do well. I know that I'll definitely be back to lend my support.