Thursday, February 28, 2013

Monday, February 25, 2013

Last year in the 40s

Today marks the beginning of the last year of my 40s.  Yes, folks, I turn 49 today!  Hard to believe that I'm this old, and that 50, which at one time was a decade away, is now a mere 365 days.  Ed was kind enough to point out to me that I really am 50 this year, since he counts the 9 months in the womb!  He's five years younger than me and he never misses an opportunity to rub it in!

Over the weekend, I had to get some money from my bank ATM and on the screen was a birthday message from my bank, then this morning I open up Google and see this...

a birthday message just for ME from Google!  How cute!  I know its a totally automated response, but I still liked it!  Instead of wishing I were 10 years younger I've decided to embrace my present self and look forward to seeing what the future holds for me.  I'm blind without my glasses, my knees crack when I walk down the steps and I can't run as fast as I used to...but life is good!  

Thursday, February 21, 2013

London flat

Spotted this fabulous house tour on Refinery 29.  It is a tour of London fashion model Erin O'Connell and her London home.  You can see the full tour here.

 The cute living room with leopard print wing back chair and chesterfield sofa.

 Fell in love that that teacup wallpaper!  So unbelievably cool!!!

 A closer look at the fab wallpaper!

Bedroom is really feminine and lovely.  Totally digging the brightly colored chair in the corner.


Picked this up at my local Marshall's the other day.  It is called Meow!, and yes, that is Meow with an exclamation point.  It is a fragrance by Katy Perry that comes in a cute pink cat shaped bottle.  I seriously love this bottle....hell, I had no idea what the fragrance smelled like before I purchased it, I saw a kitty sitting on the shelf and I said to myself "I WANT!"

The fragrance is incredibly sweet.  It has a fruity scent with a big hit of vanilla, even thought it supposedly has a floral scent too, it mainly gets drowned out by the vanilla.  I wore it one day and was hungry for sweets the rest of the day because this fragrance smells like cake or candy!  My teeth hurt just smelling this stuff!  But I'm not that concerned with the scent, I got it for the bottle which resemble one of those retro stylish kitties from the know, like these....

Ceramic Siamese cats from the 60s
Jonathan Adler's take on the 60s cat...his cat bookends.
Got this big bottle for $20 at Marshalls. Normally it sells for between $45 and $50. 

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Ebay/Paypal Hater

I'm really tired of Ebay and Paypal with their restrictions to my account!  They only seem concerned with protecting the buyers and NOT the sellers.  A few months ago my Paypal account was hacked and the theif stole $400 from my bank account, and would have stolen more if I hadn't discovered it when I did.  The theif, not to look suspicious, was taking out money over several hours, taking $100 each time.  Thankfully, my bank understood the problem and put the money back into my account within days.  The bank manager I spoke to told me that they have seen quite a bit of hacks on Paypal accounts and it seems to be a regular occurrance, so that doesn't make me feel too secure about my Paypal account.  I immediately changed my Paypal password as he instructed. Paypal on the other hand has treated me like a criminal, after I reported the theft.  They have penalized me and now whenever I sell items, my money is not accessible for almost a week!   It was shortly after that incident, that my ebay account was also restricted and now I can only sell three items a month!  Seriously?  I've been a good buyer/seller since 1997  with 100% satisfaction rate, and THIS is how you treat long time members??!!!  I've tried to speak to a live person at Ebay, but so far have not been able to get one!  They make you jump through hoops in order to get restrictions lifted....restrictions without any type of explanation as to why they were put there in the first place!  Of course they give you a list of reasons why your account would be restricted, but I don't seem to fit into any of the categories listed!  GRRRR!!!!

Recently, I sold a first edition book of "Interview with a Vampire".  Granted, this was not in perfect condition, and I went over all the flaws with the item (mostly creases in the dust jacket and basic wear and tear).  All these imperfections were noted in my description as well as photos.  The book sold and the buyer paid immediately, but then, all of a sudden, they have all these questions about the item, AFTER they purchased it.  They asked for more photos of the book, and when I complied, they decided they didn't want the item and wanted their money back.  It frustrates me because I clearly stated what flaws the item had in the auction description and this person obviously did NOT read it carefully and now I HAVE to give her back the full amount, and I still have to pay the goddamned fees!  If not I get bad feedback and then my account will be penalized even more!   Ebay has also changed their return policies.  Now buyers have up to 30 days to return an item.  Sadly, this means that if you sell a book, they have 30 days to read it then return it. Many sellers have complained that items returned were not packaged as well as when they shipped it out and items have come back damaged.  Its such a shame because I used to LOVE Ebay, but with all these policy changes it is making it more difficult for sellers to get a break and yet they still increase their fees on us!  Seems like GREED is the main problem with the organization.  As far as Ebay is concerned, I'M DONE!!  Now I need to find another auction site to sell my vintage items.  After doing a little research, seems like a lot of folks are experiencing the same frustrations.  I"m all for a boycott!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Inspirational Rooms

Was checking out Frantastic Franks Blog, which is filled with wonderful photos of interiors.  The website is in Swedish, but seriously, you do not need a translator to tell you that these rooms are gorgeous!

These rooms are very white and minimal, but there is also a sense of peace and serenity when looking at these photos.  Wish my own home could look this uncluttered, but alas, I'm a pack rat....

Friday, February 8, 2013

Happy Friday

Its an especially happy Friday because the whopper of a blizzard, strangely named Nemo, is heading to the Northeast and is bypassing my area and hitting New York and Boston...WHOOP!!   I honestly wonder why they named this storm in the first place, isn't that normally just reserved for hurricanes? Its the first time in recent years that a snowstorm actually has a name.   Anyhwho,  I'll admit, I love a a good snowstorm, especially if it gets me out of work for a day or two ;)  There is no greater feeling than getting a day off from work and having nothing better to do than hunkering down with my significant other on the sofa with a big bowl of popcorn and a movie ready to watch. Snowstorms are lovely to watch, but the aftermath and clean up are a pain in the tushy to deal with.  According to the news reports we are only expected to get 3-6 inches, which is small potatoes compared to New York which is getting about a foot, and Boston which is getting somewhere between 2 and 3 feet...Yikes!

 Snow is pretty to look at...

But horrible to have to shovel! (my backyard circa 2010)

I guess I should remind myself how awful it is to get so much was only a few years ago that my area was hit with over 2 feet of snow in a matter of days...

On another note, since Ed and I are planning on moving to Florida sometime in the next year, we will no longer have to worry about big snowstorms like this....but, there's always hurricane season!

Thursday, February 7, 2013


Check out this little short starring Lizzy funny!