Thursday, February 21, 2013


Picked this up at my local Marshall's the other day.  It is called Meow!, and yes, that is Meow with an exclamation point.  It is a fragrance by Katy Perry that comes in a cute pink cat shaped bottle.  I seriously love this bottle....hell, I had no idea what the fragrance smelled like before I purchased it, I saw a kitty sitting on the shelf and I said to myself "I WANT!"

The fragrance is incredibly sweet.  It has a fruity scent with a big hit of vanilla, even thought it supposedly has a floral scent too, it mainly gets drowned out by the vanilla.  I wore it one day and was hungry for sweets the rest of the day because this fragrance smells like cake or candy!  My teeth hurt just smelling this stuff!  But I'm not that concerned with the scent, I got it for the bottle which resemble one of those retro stylish kitties from the know, like these....

Ceramic Siamese cats from the 60s
Jonathan Adler's take on the 60s cat...his cat bookends.
Got this big bottle for $20 at Marshalls. Normally it sells for between $45 and $50. 


Debra She Who Seeks said...

So cute! I had one of those ceramic Siamese cats in the early 70s. My auntie gave it to me after she broke the other one and chipped the ears on the one she gave me. But I loved it anyway.

Anonymous said...
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