Thursday, May 24, 2012

Mod Office Furniture

Ed brought home a booklet from one of his clients.  It contains some of the most amazing office furniture I've ever seen!  Check it out!  The company is called Bene and line is called Parcs.  I'm positive that this furniture costs a fortune...but its soo cool!

 Are these office workers hip or is it just the furniture??
 Wow..I love this enclosed space!  Groovy!

Fun colors!  

 This photo reminds me of some of the furniture from the film 2001 Space Odyssey

 Wow, I love that bright color on the chairs!

 This office setup is super cool!

I currently have an old diner booth in the dining area near the kitchen (it was from an old Sizzler restaurant that went out of business).  I really love the color and the mod look, really puts the Sizzler booth to shame.\

The last two photos are from an actual company (Zuno Bank in Bratislava) who bought a bunch of this furniture...makes me wish I could work in such an environment...better yet, wish my home looked this clean and mod.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Cool, baby, cool!

Office Furniture said...

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Rusty said...

Nice modern furniture, clean, neat and tidy. I think these furniture really deserves high price. ^_^

Rory Fugerson said...
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office furniture said...

This is so cool. I am such a huge fan of their work. I really am impressed with how much you have worked to make this website so enjoyable.

Becca@Furniture Melbourne said...

I really love the concept of contemporary office furniture with light colors.
I find dark woods make you dread working, where those light in colors like you featured above is fresh and exciting. Thanks for sharing :)

Zem Karlos said...

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