Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Just got back from a mini-vacation with my man.  We headed down to Cape, May, NJ and stayed at my parents vacation house from Friday til Monday.  This trip, the pets stayed home.  I wanted to have a quiet and relaxing time.  My pets can be anything but quiet and relaxing.  The weather was wonderful and we ended up riding our bikes all over town.  We took a walk on the beach, checked out the S.S. Atlantus (an old ship made of concrete that is slowly sinking off the coast of Sunset Beach...whose brilliant idea was it to make a ship out of concrete?!! now its swimmin' with da fishes!), looked for Cape May diamonds (which are basically just semi-transparent pebbles), went out for breakfast and basically lazed around the front porch drinking coffee.  This morning while I was still half asleep, I dreamed that I was still in Cape May...what a wondrous feeling....until....the cat broke the spell and started squawking for his food..and of course this gets the dog all excited, so he's up doing his little morning tap dance while waiting for me to get out of bed.  Vacation is over my friends!

The S.S. Atlantus...aka the concrete ship!  I thought that concrete usually sunk to the bottom...which is why the mob uses it.

View of what is left of the S.S. Atlantus

Searching for Cape May diamonds...which are basically just semi-transparent pebbles.

A closer view of the S.S. Atlantus.

Gift shop at Sunset Beach in Cape May, NJ

Cute fountain in front of the gift shop

Reluctantly posing in front of the S.S. Atlantus

This is an old WWII lookout tower that is open for tours.  I took this as we were whizzing by in the car...came out pretty good!



Henrietta Alice said...

Looks like a great place to have a mini-vacation :)

And I see your cat has the same sense of entitlement and grandeur as mine, we gave him the nickname of Chairman Miaow!

SUZY8-TRACK said...

It is a great place to just relax. We try to get down there as often as possible since its a great de-stresser.

Re: My cat Sammy...you have him pegged! Too funny! I suppose most cats are like that though.