Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Yard sale nightmare

Last week, Ed and I participated in my sister's yard sale. It was one of those neighborhood wide yard sales, but from the looks of what I saw...very few of the neighbors were participating. I'm not going to brag to say that we had fabulous items up for sale....we didn't! It was mainly a lot of crap that was taking up space in our lives. Somehow, Ed was persuaded to let go of his giant..and I mean GIANT stuffed animals. It was difficult for him to let go, but he knew that deep down, the purge was necessary. Sales were mostly sporadic throughout the day. At one point this older gentleman came walking through our yard sale. He looked pretty intense and seemed to be looking for something in particular. When he finally reached the garage area, he asked if we had any guns. My sister jokingly said that we had water pistols, but no guns....he was not amused and briskly walked away...very odd indeed! We all just stared at each other wondering what this guy's intent was. My sister then stated "Does this look like the kind of yard sale that has guns?!!". Seriously, is it legal to sell a gun at a yard sale?

We had a few drive-by's...where the folks drive up and slowly cruise by but never stop. For some reason, those drive-by folks really irked me! My sister and I would try to wave them in...but that made them just hit the gas. I suppose our enthusiasm to make a sale scared them off. Most people who stopped by were very nice. There was one kid in the neighborhood who came by, checked out what we had, left, then came back with some friends. One of his friends then came back with her sister and her reluctant father. The sister managed to buy the giant stuffed snake that belonged to Ed and I noticed the defeated look in the father's face. The girl, proud of her purchase, walked it back to her house, much to her father's dismay. I swear that I saw a glimmer of a tear in the corner of Ed's eye when he saw the snake being carted off. My sister at the end of the day was the big winner. She made about $80, while both Ed and I each made approximately $25 . Afterwards, while cleaning up, Ed offered to take a lot of the stuff to Goodwill. The big items we left on the curb and posted to craigslist. Ed and I each loaded up our cars and carted the leftovers to Goodwill, who seemed more than happy to take it off our hands. Ed was somewhat despondent over the loss of his stuffed animals. It took him a little while to snap out of it too. All in all, it was a good day...not to make money, but to get rid of our excess stuff.

Seriously, does this look like the kind of yard sale that would have guns for sale?

Ed's giant snake and bear for sale. He really had a hard time letting go.

The yard sale in all it's glory! Doesn't it just make you want to come by and spend your money?

We put Taz in the dog kennel trying to drum up interest....it failed. Taz ended up at the Goodwill and the dog kennel we left on the curb and someone snatched it up.

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