Friday, September 4, 2009


An ex-Boeing engineer collects anything and everything at his home in Seattle. His home is filled with taxidermy, electronics, vintage prints, paintings, and oddball items that fit no possible or rational just have to see it to believe it...the bathroom is beyond disturbing. Photos below are courtesy of Flickr member joeltelling under the set Weird Seattle Home where there are tons more photos for your viewing pleasure. Living in that home must be madness. I already misplace stuff in my own home, which in comparison would be considered minimalist, even though my home is nowhere near being minimalist. I collect things too, but its not on the verge of insanity as this is. Imagine misplacing something in a place like that? Its enough to drive you bonkers! Makes me wonder if this guy charges people for tours? If he did, it would be the sanest thing about him! Total wackiness!

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