Sunday, September 20, 2009

Let the hounds rejoice!

Humans have blow up dolls, now fido can have his fun too with the Doggie Lover doll. It seems that majority of non-neutered dogs spend a good chunk of time looking for something to hump. They will hump just about anything, from pillows, furry creatures, people’s legs and even other animals, but now there's an alternative. The Doggie Lover Doll by Pet Smiling is actually available for purchase now to placate your randy canine. Press release states: To put an end to this nonsense and improve the little ones' lives, the enterprise PetSmiling, headquartered in Miami, United States, and in São Paulo, Brazil, is bringing to the market the DoggieLoverDoll: a female canine manufactured in soft rubber with a silicone vagina and an easy to clean reservoir. The product also comes with a tube of water-based intimate lubricant, to increase the useful life of the doll. I'm sorry, but this has to be one of the funniest things I've seen in awhile....the look of ecstacy on the dogs face in the first photo is just too much!

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Izabella said...

I can't imagine what size one of these would have to be for large dogs. Probably large enough for people to think that perhaps it is the male dog owners who are using it.