Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Star Trek!

This past Friday, Ed and I trekked over to the Franklin Institute to check out the Star Trek exhibit. We had a lot of fun looking at all the artifacts from the TV shows and movies. At the start of the exhibit were models of all the ships used in the shows and films, along with a history about each ship and what happened to them. I bascially just looked at the model and moved on, and Ed questioned why I didn't read the history of each ship. I turned to him and said "you do realize that this is a made up history...a total fabrication...spawned from a TV show?" He just looked at me like I was a crazy person. Some fans take the Star Trek history seriously, treating it as if it were real history! When I recently posted photos from the exhibit on my flickr account, I was corrected by a trekkie on the names of ships and characters. Seriously, trekkie fans need to relax! It is just entertainment after all!

I like Star Trek, the original series and The Next Generation, and all the films that spawned from those series...but I think that is where my interest ends. I didn't really get into Deep Space Nine, Voyager and whatever else came after that. I am looking forward to seeing the latest Star Trek movie though, which shows the origins of the characters from the original series. Below, see some photos I managed to take at the exhibit (apparently photos were prohibited, and you know...when someone tells you that you can't do do it anyway!)

Uniforms from the films and TV shows

Some Star Trek artifacts

Sick Bay

Ed doing his best impersination of Captain Kirk

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