Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Goodwill visit

A couple of weeks ago, our office was closed for the Jewish Holiday Rosh Hashanah, so Ed and I made a trip to the local Goodwill, this was the same Goodwill trip where I saw that hideous Mind Your Bag thing!  But below are some other interesting things I found.  Sadly, I did not buy anything this trip, but its fun to look!

 Some wood fruit!  I actually thought these would look pretty cool sitting in a wooden bowl.

 I thought this lamp was adorable!  Would look super cute in a little girls room.

 This purple behemoth looked kind of cool, but was super uncomfortable and the fabric was very rough!

 I sort of liked this 70s style coffee/side table.  Kind of reminded me of furniture by This End Up...remember them?

 Super cute macrame bag!  If only it was bigger...I tend to carry a lot of stuff!

 These club chairs were pretty nice.  I like the shape, but not crazy about the fabric on these, but I'm sure they could be reupholstered.  I must admit, they look better in the photo then in person.

 Snow ball maker!!! Need I say more??

 Really liked this dresser, too bad there wasn't more pieces to go with it.

 I have always loved these horses.  I wanted one so bad when I was a kid, but my parents never got us one.  My cousins had one in their living room, and I recall spending a lot of time on it when I was at their house...their place was like a fun house for me because they also had an indoor swing in their basement....now that was pretty cool!

I used to have one of these in my first apartment, plus my mom and dad had one in their living room for most of the 70s and 80s...so I've always had a soft spot for them.  This one was in excellent condition too!  Very tempting...but already have way too many chairs as it is!


Debra She Who Seeks said...

That macrame bag looks brand new, never been used! Groovy, baby.

Laura Huey said...

I love your tour of Goodwill! I sometimes think "There are so many Goodwill's out there that I will never see the stuff in..." and now you've opened a tiny window ;)
That horse makes sad for the one we just sold :(

SUZY8-TRACK said...

Debra, yeah the bag was defintely brand new. If I were to get a macrame bag would want one that is big with some wood accents.

Laura, Goodwill is defintely hit or miss. I used to get some great vintage pyrex dishes at this particular store, but the last few times I've been here they have had nothing! I had to laugh when I saw your post about the horse! I've always loved those horsey's!

CraveCute said...

You should have Totally bought that tiger/lion lamp! I mean, when on earth, are you ever going to see one of those again!!

SUZY8-TRACK said...

Yeah, I probably should have gotten the tiger lamp...Oh well! It was the one item I would have most likely bought out of everything there.