Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Weekend in Brigantine, NJ

Over the weekend, Ed and I were "cat sitting" for Ed's Aunt who lives in Brigantine, NJ.  Sadly, her home was initially ruined after hurricane Sandy and the damage was so bad that they had to replace the floors entirely, as well as half of the walls.  Driving around Brigantine, there are still many homes that are being worked on, and some that are just for sale (apparently the damage was so bad that the owners' decided to just sell the damaged house and property for someone else to either tear down and start over or fix up themselves.

I'm happy to report that renovations are complete and they are back in their home, including their cat Mindy, who we were babysitting.  Now their home is more beautiful than ever with new wood floors and tile floors in the kitchen and bathroom.  We had a great time in Brigantine, couldn't ask for nicer weather!


 Master bedroom


 Family room

 Family room


Guest bedroom 

 Family room

 Dining area

Front porch

Dining area

Mindy looking out the window

Guest bedroom

Living room (sorry all our crap is on the sofa!)

Closeup of fake flowers in the family room

 My capture of the "BIG" Moon early Saturday evening....looked so much bigger and better in person.  Also, it looked more orange that it appears in this photo and some of the detail of the moon didn't come across....*sigh*

Saw this cute little sleeping puppy underneath a table at Mad Dog Morgan's in Brigantine...a great place to get breakfast on the island!

Mmmmmm egg white omelette with spinach and onions!  Yum!

Hope everyone else had an awesome weekend!


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Hey, Mindy has nice digs!

SUZY8-TRACK said...

Yes, it is quite nice!

CraveCute said...

The place looks great! I'm now hungry after seeing that yummy omelet!