Friday, June 14, 2013

Invasion of the U.S. Open!

This week my train commute to work has been incredibly annoying!  Mainly because the U.S. Open is in  town, and the area has been flooded by a sea of guys in khaki shorts, sneakers, polo shirts and caps....Which apparently appears to be the official uniform of  golfing fans. Even the women (of which there are very few) wear the same uniform!  Although the tournament didn't officially start until the 12th, fans have been decending upon the area since last week causing loads of traffic headaches for those of us who live here.

Look at all those khaki shorts and polo shirts!

This morning I was a little late getting into work (GRRR) because I had to wait for all the U.S. Open fans to exit the train....which seemed more like a clown car because I had to wait for over 5 minutes for everyone to get off before I could get on!   My train station is the hub where all the fans get off to take shuttle buses to the U.S. Open YAY!  Please note that my YAY! was sarcasm....because its not always that apparent when you are typing.  

Even rain did not deter these fans!

We had some rain yesterday and some nasty thunderstorms, but that didn't stop the fans!  But from what I hear, tickets are very expensive and if you do have tickets for that day, you had better go!

Everyone in my condo building has been complaining about all the people who have descended upon our normally quiet little suburban town.  One guy ranted that he had to wait in traffic, then wait in line at the store, and eventually had to wait an eternity for an elevator (Although the latter is not U.S. Open related, since our building is in the process replacing our elevators so there is only one working elevator in the lobby).  Needless to say, he is frustrated, as am I.  I'm definitely living in the wrong area of the country because I hate traffic and crowds!  


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Be strong! And patient! Don't kill Tiger Woods if you see him, okay?

SUZY8-TRACK said...

I've got nothing against Tiger or any of the golfers, its those damned golf fans who are EVERYWHERE!