Monday, June 10, 2013

Home Alone

Ed has been out of town for a week, and what do I do when he's away?  I clean!  Yes, I'm incredibly lame and yes I  spent my entire saturday sweeping floors, vacuming, doing laundry, washing dishes, dusting and rearranging furniture, and it was wonderful!  I'm amazed at how much I can accomplish when Ed's not around, but seriously, I still miss him.  The place is looking much cleaner than normal.  The only thing I didn't clean was the ceiling fan.  I absolutely HATE ceiling fans...yes, they circulate air, but they also get so incredibly filthy and are a pain in the butt to clean!  Ours is loaded with dust and cat hair.  I'm almost at the point of wanting to just replace the fan with something I can avoid cleaning it altogether.  Anyway, during and after my cleaning spree, I managed to document my efforts.

Bedroom was probably the easiest room to clean, I changed the sheets, vacuumed and did a little dusting. 

 Living room wasn't too bad either, some rearranging of furniture (yes we have no sofa, unless you count that futon thing in the background a sofa).  But it was pretty easy to clean.  I moved a small area rug in here, since we didn't have any.

 My little corner of the home office.  This room gets HOT!  It is surrounded by windows on two sides so a lot of sunlight comes pouring in...and bringing along heat with it!  Yes, I still have a huge desktop computer...but I live with an IT expert and he is always fixing and upgrading my computer for me, so I'm not complaining.

 My office chair, which I love!

Some corner shelving in the office with my favorite things, vintage pottery and milk glass!

I love my little corner in the office.  Sadly the rest of the room is a mess with computer parts!

 My bathroom shelving with some vintage items. 

 My vintage cabinet which was rescued from the trash many years ago.  When I found it, it was in really rough shape, but with a lot of sanding and some paint, it is as good as new. 

 Love this little soap dish that I picked up in Cape May, NJ. 

Full view of my tiny bathroom.

This is the spare bedroom that serves as a dressing room/music room/kitty bathroom.  When I first moved here, this room was filled with furniture and junk.  I'm amazed that it looks this good a year and a half later! I think I spent more time in this room than any other over the weekend, because it needed the most TLC.  I took this rug out of storage and really spent a good 30-40 minutes vacuuming it, and emptying out the vacuum cannister several times in the process!  I moved out an ugly chair and brought in this cute little orange chair. 

 Decorated the piano with some artwork, plants and my grandparent's clock.  It was a wedding gift to my grandparents back in the 30s.  I've always loved it when I was kid.  After my grandparents passed away, my Mom inherited the clock and eventually gave it to me.  I've cherished it for many years.  I no longer wind it up because once, when I was living in an old victorian mansion that had been converted into apartments, this clock bonged 13 times!!! Yes, both me and my boyfriend were freaked!   That was one of the many freaky things that happened to us while living in that house, in which all the tenants were convinced was haunted!  (I'll have to share all the ghost stories in another post). 

 My jewelry tree is loaded with stuff!

 Some catty items on the dresser.

 This top shelf used to house my 8-track tapes and player, but now they are packed away until I decide what I want to do with them.  It now has a vintage coffee grinder, owl planter, alabaster mushrooms and a vintage fan.

 Cat print above the vintage hamper from the 70s.  Apparently this hamper was Ed's when he was a kid, and he cannot bear to part with it.
 Catty pillows.

Another view of the dresser.   This dresser is part of a set that belonged to my grandparents.  Sadly the mirror for this dresser broke during my move (this is a replacement mirror)...thankfully it wasn't broken by me! 

As afternoon was approaching evening, Moob informed me that he had had enough of my cleaning and it was time to eat!



CraveCute said...

Love your post! I always get much more done when my hubby is away too! You have such an eclectic and wonderful home! Love all your kitty items! Cute!

SUZY8-TRACK said...

Thank you. You would be surprised at how many of the kitty items are Ed's. We should start calling it the Cat House.

Anonymous said...
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