Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year!

This New Year's eve was pretty quiet and uneventful....just the way I like it!  We watched Ryan Seacrest channel Dick Clark, ate popcorn and watched the ball drop at midnight.  Afterwards we watched a movie then went to bed.  New Years day wasn't much different...we lounged around in PJ's all day and we did a little bit of  housework and a LOT of goofing around.  I must admit, it was REALLY HARD going back to work today.  The extended weekend was so much fun.

I captured Moob resting on his perch.  He's one of those cats who can't seem to get high enough.  If he were an outdoor cat he'd be hanging out in the trees.

It was a lovely, lazy New Years' day. 

Over Christmas, Ed and I got this lovely cactus.  New years day I decided to pot it....very carefully...although I did get pricked a couple of times.  I decided to put it into this vintage plant pot that I had gotten at a church garage sale back in April.  I think they go very well together.

Hope everyone has a happy, healthy and prosperous new year!


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Nice cactus! Did you wear oven mitts? That's what I would have tried.

SUZY8-TRACK said...

I did wear oven mitts! Still managed to get pricked a couple of times though. The cactus is awesome...Ed hates it and it as a gift from his aunt. I was more excited than him. He hates houseplants and I try to convince him that they help clean the air in the house, but he claims that outide there are plenty of plants to do that...and I have to point out to him that it is 30 degrees opening the windows for fresh air doesn't really work this time of the year.

Laura Huey said...

Happy belated New Year!
That's a swell cactus. Livin in Texas I am much acquainted with cacti. Out at my granny's in the hill country you can literally just scoop up baby cacti from the ground and take em home for potting. Didi you know that some cactus grow straight out of the dead fallen ones? It's a beautiful metaphor, all those tiny baby cacti growing out of the fallen momma :)

SUZY8-TRACK said...

I love cacti, but so far my track record hasn't been great. Great story about how the baby cacti grow from the fallen momma. If I'm successful in keeping this one alive, I'll attempt to get more. Its tough finding that balance of neglect and care with these plants. I either give too much or too little and I always end up with a dead cactus.