Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Cold weather, dead batteries, neti pots and Oscar

The weather has been so cold here!  The snow is still with us at the moment, but I think much of it will disappear over the weekend, because its supposed to get much warmer on Saturday.  Sadly, my car battery did not survive this cold spell, and I had to spend a very cold Tuesday evening outside with the AAA repairman who replaced my battery (it was 19 degrees!).  I've also been fighting a nasty sinus infection, that simply will not go away!  My boss recommended using a neti pot, so I picked one up at the local drugstore...but now I feel worse than I did before!  Apparently, it may take many treatments before you will feel now I'm just using it every evening before I go to bed.  I'm a bit disappointed because I've read how wonderfully it works to clear out your sinuses, but I still have yet to see any benefit and its been three nights using it now!  Plus, now my left ear pops every single time I blow my nose!  GRRRR!!

Recently, I went on an interview at a local animal shelter.  Unfortunately, its only a part time gig.  I've had experience working in shelters before, but this is the first no-kill shelter I've been to.  At the moment the job is only on weekends, and I'm currently working full-time at my office job.  I know that they have an urgent need, so I'm going to see if I can work out a schedule working on Sunday.  That way I would have at least one day off a week.  Hopefully we can work it out, because I would LOVE to work there.  When they gave me the tour, I got to meet all the cats and dogs living there.  What I really liked about it was that the cats were not kept in cages, but in large rooms filled with cat furniture.  My favorite kitty that I met there had to be Oscar.  He was a big fat Maine Coon cat, who was a little grumpy (he's probably named after Oscar the grouch from Sesame St.), but probably a sweet thing once you get to know him.  He's quite a fatty, but his eyes lit up when I grabbed a cat wand with feathers on the end.  He did try to jump up to grab the feathers, but because of his weight, he didn't lift up too much.  I sent his photo to Ed and he really liked him!  It would be great to get a companion for Moob, but we will have to wait until we can find another place to live. Here's Oscar's webpage:  He's super cute! 

Friday, December 13, 2013


This morning, as I was logging into my Google account, and saw this...a snow effect added to one of my photos...How cool is that???!!!  Google rocks!

Speaking of snow... looks my area is going to be hit with snowstorm #3 of the season!  Hopefully it won't be much accumulation especially since the snow from the first two storms is still with us.  We have been having incredibly frigid temps this week!  Be interesting to see how this affects the Army Navy game this weekend at the Linc.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Winter Wonderland

Looks lovely outside!  It snowed Sunday and Tuesday, and as of Thursday, the snow is still with us!  Temperatures have been pretty frigid.

 This was taken on Wednesday, but as of this morning, it still looks the same.  This snow isn't going anywhere!

 Photo of Ed's back as we were heading to the train station Wednesday morning.

 Mini Stonehenge is covered with snow!

These were taken at Unkefer Park in Rosemont, PA on Wednesday.  I love how the snow makes everything look so crisp and clean....and also how it muffles sound!  

Monday, November 25, 2013

Christmas already?

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.  No presents to buy anyone, no shopping frenzy, just parades, the National Dog Show (which I watch religiously every year), family gathering together for a big feast, and then spending the evening in front of the TV watching football.  Sadly, it seems that Christmas overshadows it and now folks don't even acknowledge it anymore!  Storefronts have had their Christmas displays up since Halloween, and in my city, some of the radio stations have already started playing their holiday music!

Christmas is one day, but somehow retailers have spread it out to last over a  month.  Ed wanted to check out some Black Friday deals, but every time we have gone, there are huge lines just to get into the stores, or they are totally sold out of whatever we are looking for, or the incredible deal is not so incredible...usually some off brand of TV sold super cheap and probably super crappy quality.  I feel its not worth the aggravation!  I'm also angry that stores are open on Thanksgiving!  Seriously?  Are people so crazed that they cannot wait until Friday to nab that big screen TV?  I'm not sure if we are going to check out Black Friday this year, but Ed wants to replace our giant old skool TV in the bedroom, so we might.

In the meantime, enjoy some Thanksgiving Holiday Humor!

Friday, November 8, 2013

Hermann Rorschach

When I went to Google this morning, I saw it was Hermann Rorschach's 129th birthday today.  As the inquisitive person that I am, I decided to read more about him.  When I saw his photo ....needless to say I was taken aback by the resemblance....

Hermann Rorschach in 1910

 Brad Pitt

I wonder if there is some family connection here?   Be interesting to find out!  Sadly Rorschach died at the age of 37 of peritonitis, possibly due to a ruptured appendix.

Brad and Angie? 

Thursday, October 31, 2013

A Halloween Classic!


SNL: Adam Sandler's Cheap Halloween Costume Advice - kewego
Tonight in the weekend update host Kevin Nealon (as himself) interviews Adam Sandler who will give us some advice on how to go trick or treating with a free make-it yourself halloween costume.


This morning I awoke to a thick fog outside my window.  It started to clear up a little as I was heading to the train this morning.  I snapped a couple of photos to show how creepy it looked.

Looking at this made me think that a zombie was going to pop out from behind that tree!

Hope everyone has a ghoulish day!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Halloween Costumes

Over the weekend, my family celebrated my Mom's birthday and my nephews brought over their Halloween costumes to model them for us.

Danny is Gandalf and Sean is...well in his own words: "I'm not just a foot...I'm Big Foot!"

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Queen of Halloween

I'm convinced....Martha Stewart is the Queen of Halloween.  Take a gander at this...

 This is my the term Bat mobile a whole new meaning!

These mice are only paper cut-outs, but they do fool you for a few seconds!

 I'm not sure what to make of this...its pretty weird!  I suppose that's the point though, to be weird and strange at halloween!

 This is pretty cool!  Usually Halloween wreaths are cute with black cats or candy corn...but not this one!  Give me the willies just looking at it!

 This is a genius idea for using a pumpkin!

 Dracula can appreciate these!

This is  adorable and a great way to use up that $1.00 bag of fangs you purchased.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Countdown to Halloween!

Since its almost Halloween, I figured that I will do a creepy post each day leading up to Halloween. Below is a recording by Tom Waits...its not exactly a song, and its not exactly scary, but it is a little unsettling to listen to, which is probably which was probably his intention with this recording.  Feel the paranoia creep in!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Halloween Decorating

Halloween is one of my favorite "holidays".  For many years I've decorated my home and office with spiderwebs, black cats, witches, goblins, ghosts and monsters.  Many years ago, when I was working for the American Red Cross, I had totally decked out my cubicle with spiderwebs and spiders dangling from the ceiling.  I also had some vintage Halloween cutouts adorning the walls.  One day Elizabeth Dole, who had just become President of the organization back then, had visited our little office in Philadelphia, PA.  Initially I wasn't even supposed to see her, but she saw my decorations and came over to see what I had done.  She admired my decked out cubicle, but the best part of the story is, after Ms. Dole and her entourage left, one guy lingered behind.  He was asking me questions on how I was able to make the spiderwebs look so good.  He proceeded to tell me that his never look as good as what I had dangling from the ceiling.  As I was giving him pointers, We heard Elizabeth Dole yelling out for this guy and his eyes bugged out and he took off! Really gave me a good chuckle to see him scurry away like that!  Anyway, now I work in an office where these types of decorations are frowned upon, so sadly, I don't even bother at the office.

At home, Ed balks at my Halloween decorations claiming that no one will see them....but I told him that I don't care because I can see them!  Anyway, I brought out a few of my favorite Halloween decorations yesterday.

Picked up a couple of white mini-pumpkins at Trader Joes.  Also have a ceramic pumkin, that I think I got at the dollar store many, many years ago!

Folksy black cat.  He used to have a Beware of Cat sign, but I couldn't find it in all the mess of the closet.

Found this crazy-eyed guy in the trash a couple years ago.  He looks pretty happy to be here.

All my vintage and not-so-vintage black cats.

This black cat snuck in....the other cats don't seem to notice...

 I also ended up bringing in the house plants because there was talk of the first frost of the season already!  Looks like this Halloween is going to be a chilly one here.  

Monday, October 21, 2013

The war of the living room rugs

Last week I switched out rugs in the living room, and I was met with resistance. 

We started out with a white rug.  Now, I have nothing against this rug, but Moob sheds quite a bit and it leaves a thin layer of gray over the top of this rug which makes it look dingy and dirty.  The other problem is that when I want to vacuum, Ed is always asking me to do it another time because it upsets Moob, so sadly, I don't get to vacuum as much as I would like.  The weekends are the best time for me to vacuum, but between football, the MLB Playoffs and the Moob, I can't get it done.

On Columbus Day, my office was closed, so I was home alone for part of the day and decided to do the old swicheroo.  Here is my result.....

I kind of dig the red rug with the pillows, but sadly, when Ed came home from work, he immediately complained that he doesn't like red and listened to him complain for several minutes.  Apparently red is OK, in small doses (like the pillows) but the rug is just too much for him.  He wanted the rug switched out that night.  So, I've lost this battle and we are back to white, but I'm going to have to INSIST that it be vacuumed at least once a week, whether Moob likes it or not....Sorry Moob!

Heaven in a Jar

I've found a little bit of heaven in a jar.  OK, perhaps that's an exaggeration, but I have to admit, its pretty damned close!  I'm talking about Trader Joe's Speculoos Cookie Butter.  What is cookie butter you ask? It a looks like peanut butter, but it tastes like gingerbread cookies, and once you start buying it, you will never stop! I'm already on my second jar, and am looking buy a third already.  Thankfully, Ed is not a more for me!!!

How do you eat it?  well you eat it any way you want, on apple slices, crackers, cookies, or just plain out of the jar (which is my favorite way).  The problem is figuring out how to stop eating it.  If that isn't bad enough, those folks at Trader Joe's found another way to put folks under their cookie butter spell by creating a version with cocoa!   I haven't tried the cocoa version yet, I'm almost afraid because once I start eating it, I won't be able to stop myself.  I have visions of my future self....being super huge and unable to leave the house because I cannot fit through the door, and surrounded by empty jars of cookie butter, as well as cookie butter smeared all over my lips. At least these visions are making me go to the gym more often.

There is something about this stuff that makes people insane!  Recently, on ebay I saw someone selling four jars for $55.00?  Seriously?  That is crazy!!  I'm just thankful that there is a Trader Joe's near my home and only need to fork out $3.69 per jar. If that isn't insane enough, there are now folks out there creating their own recipes for cookie butter.

Here and Here and Here

Seriously, having a recipe to make this stuff is dangerous!  You have been warned!!!

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Domino Returns!

Domino magazine, which folded back in 2009 is back!  I'm very excited, yet somewhat annoyed at the same time.  I mean, I love this magazine and have missed it dearly since it folded 4 years ago, but do I really want to fork out $11.99 for one issue?  I pay that for an entire year for some magazines!  FYI:  This issue hits the stands October 8th.  Their website also has a marketplace for you to buy all the items you see in their magazine too.  For more info about the magazine and special new features on their website, visit:



Wednesday, October 2, 2013

How the 1% Live

Ed and I have been discussing moving out of our condo into a nicer place, perhaps a single home or another condo with less rules and regulations.  As we were heading to the gym over the weekend, we spotted an open house and thought that it would be fun to check it out on our way home.  Its always interesting to see how other folks decorate and I love to get ideas.

As we pulled up to the home, Ed was not impressed.  Its definitely not the style of home that we would normally gravitate to, but I insisted that we check it out anyway.  Turns out the home was being sold for 2.6 million dollars!  There was a nice circular driveway and there was a detached three car garage with an apartment above and a storage shed next to it.

I have to admit, I was not prepared for what I was about to see, I was expecting a colonial style interior and instead I got this.....

 There's an awful lot of gold in this room!  I felt like I was in the lobby of a fancy hotel rather than a home!  The ceilings and columns were white with gold accents and there must have been a chandelier in every room!  Definitely NOT my taste, but I'm always fascinated by how other folks decorate their home.  

This was the kitchen area and the back stairway, which is used by the servants.

 There is a lovely view out this window.
 This is the back of the house with a large lawn.

This is the small hallway leading from the entryway to the kitchen area.
 There was room after room that looked like this.

 I don't think I could live in a place like this, I need rugs and a big comfy couch, and it would probably look out of place here.  The realtor told us that the owner had removed some walls to create this grand area. 

 Here is the kitchen area.  The stove is one of those large professional ones (the owner is in the restaurant business).  I think that the chandeliers are bit overkill here....

This was a lovely sun room, which was probably my favorite room in the place.  No gold columns or ceilings, just some lovely french doors leading outside.  Even the chandelier is a little more understated.

I love the look of this staircase!

Upstairs was pretty normal, with bedroom after bedroom....sadly I did not have my phone with me to take photos (I borrowed these from the Realtor site...hope I don't get in trouble!).  There wasn't any gold columns or ceilings, but the furniture in the master bedroom was incredibly ornate and there was a giant four poster bed with fabric draping all across it, that gave it a Middle Eastern flair.  There was one bedroom that had this amazing modern furniture with a large headboard with built in nightstands and matching dressers.  It was definitely unusual and must have been custom made, because I've never seen anything like it anywhere.  Ed and I wished we could have photographed it, because it was the only furniture that matched our style.

The third floor appeared to be mainly used for storage, with furniture all over the place and a few seating areas set up, similar to downstiars.  Ed made his way to the back of the third floor and accidentally opened the door to the servant's quarters and startled some poor woman as she was watching TV!  It was at that point that we decided we had had enough.

This place was massive, but my feeling is, if I have several million dollars to buy a home, it wouldn't be this place.  I think Ed and I are in agreement, if we could afford a million dollar home, it had better have a heated pool and a hot tub, and be near the water!

Monday, September 23, 2013


Plumber is currently at the house fixing the leak in my bathroom.  Sadly, he had to remove tile in the shower area, and there is no tile that matches what is currently there.  My bathroom is completely covered with tile, the walls are covered from floor to ceiling!   Ed and I are off to Home Depot when I get home from work to pick out some tile that will go with the tile on the walls.  I was hoping that they could break through the drywall behind the pipes instead of having to remove the tile work, but unfortunately, it is in the closet, and it is a tight and dark space that is difficult to work in, so instead, they had to bust through the tiles.  Hopefully we can pick out something and have it replaced quickly.  I really miss my bathroom!

I do have good news to report though....Ed was able to get the incredibly large sofa into our place and its looks great!  Its so nice to have a sofa and loveseat in the living room.  We had been living without one for almost 2 years!  Our place reminded me more of Archie  Bunker's home, where there was one chair for Archie and another one for Edith.  Now we can have people over and not worry about pulling out a chair from another room.

 The loveseat has a place of honor underneath Moob's portrait!  We moved the bookcase behind the sofa to make room for this.

Sofa is now the main seating area when we are watching TV, but Ed tends to hog it!  But he's enjoying stretching out while watching football, and I take it over when watching my shows.

The chairs have been moved behind the sofa to form a small reading area.  Sadly, the leather chair is showing damage from Moob's handiwork.  I have some tape over the areas where he scratches.  I did find an interesting video on YouTube about fixing leather furniture damaged by cats.  Need to find that leather cleaner.  Our damage isn't as bad as what is on the video!

Over the weekend, we moved the bikes to the storage area (since we probably won't be riding much in the coming months), and it definitely helps to open up the space even more.  So far I'm liking the new setup.  Now I'm contemplating putting the red rug in the living room and moving the blue and white one back to my dressing room.  Its fun to switch up things!

Girls Don't Poop -

Holy Crap!   That was funny!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Goodwill visit

A couple of weeks ago, our office was closed for the Jewish Holiday Rosh Hashanah, so Ed and I made a trip to the local Goodwill, this was the same Goodwill trip where I saw that hideous Mind Your Bag thing!  But below are some other interesting things I found.  Sadly, I did not buy anything this trip, but its fun to look!

 Some wood fruit!  I actually thought these would look pretty cool sitting in a wooden bowl.

 I thought this lamp was adorable!  Would look super cute in a little girls room.

 This purple behemoth looked kind of cool, but was super uncomfortable and the fabric was very rough!

 I sort of liked this 70s style coffee/side table.  Kind of reminded me of furniture by This End Up...remember them?

 Super cute macrame bag!  If only it was bigger...I tend to carry a lot of stuff!

 These club chairs were pretty nice.  I like the shape, but not crazy about the fabric on these, but I'm sure they could be reupholstered.  I must admit, they look better in the photo then in person.

 Snow ball maker!!! Need I say more??

 Really liked this dresser, too bad there wasn't more pieces to go with it.

 I have always loved these horses.  I wanted one so bad when I was a kid, but my parents never got us one.  My cousins had one in their living room, and I recall spending a lot of time on it when I was at their house...their place was like a fun house for me because they also had an indoor swing in their that was pretty cool!

I used to have one of these in my first apartment, plus my mom and dad had one in their living room for most of the 70s and I've always had a soft spot for them.  This one was in excellent condition too!  Very tempting...but already have way too many chairs as it is!