Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Memory Lane

Over the weekend, Ed decided to go through one of the countless boxes of childhood memories that his mom gave him many years ago.  Most of these boxes have been packed away for the last decade, untouched. While going down memory lane he came across some interesting things....

I had no idea that Ed had so many Mad, Cracked and Crazy magazines just sitting in his storage locker.  Most of these date from the late 70s to early 80s. I don't think they were worth anything because many of them smelled moldy from being in storage. 

He also had a couple of vintage Corgi Batmobile cars that still had the original Batman and Robin to go with them.  He told me that the one on the right was accidentally left behind while his family was on vacation, and he put up such a fuss that his parents drove back almost 100 miles just to pick it up!  That's love for your child! audio postcard from Charles and Di's Royal Wedding back in 1981!  Not sure if its worth anything, but it sure is interesting.  You can see the grooves on the front of the card and you just play it on your record player. 

Ed also had a huge book put out by MAD Magazine.  Inside was an inscription from his uncle sometime in the 70s.

 The book is basically a "Best Of" Mad Magazine, with all the funniest bits.

 Suprisingly this book still had all the stickers and inserts.

 Yes, you have all you need to make a Mad mobile!

Loads of comical stuff!

There are even Mad Stencils....this book was pretty cool!  I can't believe that Ed wants to part with it!

He also had a cardboard recording, but I'm not sure if it came with the book or not.

After we dropped off a huge haul of vintage toys, books and magazines from Ed's childhood, we ventured into Goodwill.  Sadly, this trip was a disappointment and I couldn't find anything of interest....well except for this...
This was too cute...little girl with kitten!  Sadly, I passed on this, we already have too many wall hangings that are just sitting in storage! 

At the front of Goodwill they have a glass case for what they consider more "valuable" items....I guess that is a matter of opinion though. 

Gone with the wind plates?  I think I'll pass!



Debra She Who Seeks said...

I loved MAD magazine when I was an adolescent! CRACKED was pretty good too. Never heard of CRAZY. Maybe they didn't sell it in Canada.

CraveCute said...

You have some great stuff there. You might try spraying Lysol disinfectant on the magazines, each page if really bad. If you spray lightly it dries without hurting the paper and gets rid of stinky smells! It's best to use it in a ventilated area.

SUZY8-TRACK said...

I never heard of Crazy, but Cracked and Mad were awesome!!