Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Monster Con!

On our way to Brigantine, NJ this past weekend, Ed and I decided to stop by Cherry Hill to check out the latest Monster Mania Con.  They have this event twice a year and Ed and I have been attending it for the last couple years now.  Many of the folks really get into dressing up at these events, and I love to people watch so this event is perfect for me.  This time around the focus was on the Hellraiser series of films.  The guy who played "Pinhead" was there as well as the rest of the cast from the film.  He is much less threatening in person than he is in the film.  This time around I didn't take any celebrity photos, but hung around in the marketplace where they were selling all kinds of fun items from all your favorite horror films, and of course I also managed to catch a couple of folks dressed up for the occasion.

This was the first thing we saw as we approached the building.....The Bat mobile!  This is definitely "Old School" Batman gear!

Cloverfield action figure...who wouldn't want this beauty??

The puzzle cube from Hellraiser....everyone was pretty excited to see this....until they found out that it didn't do anything.

These piggy banks were fun and colorful!  Love that skeletal piggy in the back!

Really digging this 3D Clockwork Orange artwork!...Hey I found a website that sells his work HERE!

Because when the Apocalypse hits, you need to be stylish!

I'm hoping that these are only props!

That guy on the peeking out on the left is way creepier than any of those ghoulish dolls!

As usual, there were folks who got dressed up for the event....my favorite part!
  Awww look....she's making friends!

Hey!  This clown was at the last Monster Mania Con!  Odd that he would be checking in with full makeup already!

Thats nice...the clown found a friend!!

People letting it all hang out at the Monster Mania Con!  Looks like everyone was having a blast!...OK I'll stop now!


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Looks like fun! I was crazy nuts for "A Clockwork Orange" when I was a teenager -- both the book and the then-new movie. My Mom had to take me to the movie because I was underage. She was not impressed.

SUZY8-TRACK said...

I saw the film "A Clockwork Orange" on cable TV when I was 15 and I was hooked! Definitely one of my faves.