Monday, August 13, 2012


When I was little, my hair went through many changes in style, probably more changes than it has in adulthood.  I've had the following, curly mop top, pixie, Prince Valiant hair, Jane Fonda shag (from the film Klute), Dorothy Hamill cut, Long braids (think Pocahontas with bangs) and much much more.  Below is just a sampling of all the hairstyles my mom forced me to endure in my childhood.

Here I am with a curly head of hair and a cute little bow.  Too bad I was terrified when this photo was snapped!

Here our hairstyle was more of a pixie cut....which eventually grew out into the bowl cut below.  

Which eventually morphed into the dreaded Prince Valiant haircut....remember Prince Valiant?  It was the Sunday comic you never read!...or at least I never did!

See the resemblance??

Here I am circa 1973 ...loved that dress and the hair...barettes were my fave back then!  I think this was how I preferred my hair the most, long and curly...sort of how I wear it now, without the barettes.

Now you may have noticed that me and my sister have had exactly the same haircuts over the years...something I've always hated!  Sometimes my mom had us wear matching dresses too!  UGH!

Here, our hair grew out quite a bit.  I recall my mom spending what seemed like hours, combing out the tangles in my sisters hair.  Thankfully, my hair didn't tangle as badly as hers.  My mom would braid our hair, yanking and tugging on it or she would do the ponytails and have it set in curlers to obtain the look above. The whole process was torturous!  I think after awhile my mom was sick and tired of dealing with our hair and had us get the haircut below....

Yes, the dreaded SHAG!  My mom saw the movie KLUTE and loved Jane Fonda's hairstyle in the film.

See the resemblance?

Lastly we bring you the Dorothy Hamill haircut.  Everyone wanted to look like her!...well everyone except me...and I couldn't WAIT to grow mine out!

Thankfully, when this photo was taken, it had grown out a bit... If  I recall, I don't think I have any photos of when I first had the hair cut, because I hated it sooo much and did not want any reminders of how my hair looked from that time!  My mom was always forcing us to cut our hair into styles that we didn't want!  I already felt pretty ugly with my braces...and the Dorothy Hamill haircut made me feel hideous!!  Thankfully after the Dorothy Hamill debacle I got to choose how I wanted my hair to look after that.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

I had a pixie cut too and then later, a shag. But NEVER was I forced to endure a Prince Valiant! My heart aches for you, forsooth.

SUZY8-TRACK said...

Ha ha! Yes, the Prince Valiant was pretty dreadful.