Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Shelter Cats

This month I've been doing some volunteer work at the local animal shelter.  The last time I was there, I snapped some photos of some of the sweet faces I met. Thankfully, this is a no kill shelter, but they do rely heavily on volunteers and donors and foster homes for the pets.  Makes me feel good to support a great local organization.  I just wish I could take all of them home...even the grumpy ones!

 This kitty was keeping an eye on the kittens pictured below!  Seemed like she was acting as protector of these little guys.

 Poor little kitties were brought into the shelter earlier that day.  They are only 3 weeks old and I'm concerned for their survival.  Sadly, the mother was nowhere to be found.

 This guy preferred to be away from the others.  I was a little worried for him, but he was larger than the other kittens.  The shelter had given them some food mixed in with milk replacer and the kittens were eating it up, so that was good news.  I snapped these photos shortly after they ate.

This little guy did not like the cage!  He was trying to dig his way out, but once I took him out of his cage, he calmed down immediately and sat on my shoulder and started purring. I put him down on the desk and he immediately rolled over and let me pet his belly.  He is such a sweetie who is just looking for a loving home.  He just needs some love and attention.

 This was a pretty mellow tuxedo cat who was just stretching out in his cage.

 This guy reminded me of the Moob...another Maine Coon, but this guy was much larger.  He had an amazingly big ruff and looked more like a wild cat.
 This was a sweet one-eyed kitty at the shelter...I liked to call him Winky.  He was one of two one-eyed babies at the shelter.

 This little girl was a sweetie...she loved to pose for photos!

This little girl stared at me forlornly almost the entire time I was there.  She was a sweet girl with lovely amber eyes.  Seeing these sad faces makes me a little teary, but I'm volunteering there to help them find happy homes.

If anyone is local to the Philadelphia area and is interested in any of theses sweeties, I recommend visiting the shelter at Philly Paws located at 100 N. 2nd Street (at Arch Street) in Olde City.  I'll be there again tomorrow night and hope to post more photos of these babies. 

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Debra She Who Seeks said...

May they all find good, loving homes!