Friday, June 29, 2012

Shelter Cats Part 2

I'm happy to report that many of the cats that I had pictured have found new homes!  YAY!  My favorite was Georgie, who was the white and grey little digger trying to get out of his cage.  I was talking to the shelter manager and she was telling me that she was very pleased that he found such a loving home.  So I'm really happy for him!  Last night I met some more amazing kitties.  Some of them are a little grumpy, but would warm up to me after a few minutes.  I'm sure that the shelter is a scary place for them, so they are always on the defensive.  I truly hope that all of these lovely cats can find their happy home.

 A  very beautiful Brown Maine Coon cat who was very friendly.

 That black cat was a bit grumpy when I first came into the room, but after a few minutes he was walking across my lap as I was petting him.

 This little girl was very playful.

 I call this one Chubbs!  This cat basically just laid there the entire time!

 This cat was rather mellow and seemed to enjoy the attention.

 This poor little thing had a congenital defect where his back legs didn't work properly, but this kitty seemed to get around pretty well in spite of it.
 An unusually calm moment for this girl.  This was taken after she got out of the room and one of the other cats started chasing her around the shelter.  I think she was finally happy to be safe from that other cat.  This was probably one of the youngest cats at the shelter, I believe she was less than a year old.  She was definitely a high energy kitty.

 This was Cali who really loves attention.  She basically cried out any time she saw someone near her cage.

 This poor baby had a condition that affected her balance.  She was a little shaky, but other than that she was fine.  This cat had the most beautiful amber eyes! (too bad I couldn't capture them on my iphone!)

Here is another photo of my black cat friend.  He was trying to make nice with me, after swatting at me when I first came in.  Too bad he kept moving around too much, I really wanted to capture his lovely green eyes!  Damn cats just won't cooperate while I'm trying to photograph them!


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Cats are always so loaded with personality! Even a slacker like Chubbs!

SUZY8-TRACK said...

My favorite was the black cat, whose name I found out is Funny Feet. I don't recall Chubbs' real name, but I did like his laid back attitude. He was just chilling the entire time I was there.

CraveCute said...

They are all so beautiful. Your photos are great, cats can be a challenge to photograph!

SUZY8-TRACK said...

Yes, cats can be a challenge to photograph...especially when you are in a room full of them, and they are running all over the place...except for Chubbs.

SUZY8-TRACK said...

Woot! Found out that Funny Foot was adopted! So happy! I really loved that cat and am glad he finally found a home!