Monday, June 11, 2012

Back from Florida

Florida was great!  Very relaxing, but it did rain quite a bit during our trip!  Even so, it was nice to be away and not have to go to work.  Below are some various snaps of our trip, including Mikey and Molly, my Uncle Mattey's cat and dog.  Enjoy!

 Downtown St. Petersburg, FL, very lovely.

 Large Palm trees were everywhere!

 Some interesting sculptures in St. Petersburg, FL

 Large sculpture in St. Petersburg, FL

 Marina in St. Petersburg, FL

 Pelican feeding station....try not to look at all the pelican poo!!! UGH!

 Cute poodle at the local vintage clothing store...she was a sweet pup!

 Our little gecko friend who hung out on the deck of the place we were staying.

 Mikey, my Uncle's kitty.....he reminds me so much of my Sammy.

 This is Molly, she is such a sweetie, she is part Rottweiler, German Shepherd and Chow Chow...she even has the black tongue. 

 Molly barely stood still long enough for me to snap her picture!

 Mikey, living the good life!

This was the view up the street from where we were staying...I took this in the car as we were headed to the airport.....buh bye Florida!


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Molly and Mikey look like great pets! I love palm trees -- they are so exotic to those of us who live in the north. And I hear that pelicans have very bad breath. Bits of fish linger in their beak pouch, go bad and stink. Just FYI, LOL!

SUZY8-TRACK said...

Pelicans are the pigeons of the south. Always hanging around where there is food and garbage. Its no wonder that their breath stinks!

Molly and Mikey were so cute! Molly was a little hyper but also obedient. She would sit and lay down for me. Mikey basically laid on that the chair the entire time I was there. Typical lazy ass cat!!