Monday, March 12, 2012


Some dude walking around in his "Predator" costume...complete with laser sighting!

Ed and I trekked over the bridge to Cherry Hill, NJ for Monster Mania Con.  It was loaded with celebrities from horror films.  Robert Englund aka Freddy Krueger was at the event, but alas, we did not spot him.  Later on I overheard a woman telling someone that she waited in line for four hours to meet Mr. Englund.  That was crazy!!  Even though we didn't see Freddy Krueger, we did manage to see a lot of fans dressed up as him.  Even some girls were doing a sexy version (if that were even possible) wearing the striped sweater, hat and blades...but with fishnet stockings and high heels!  There were also some folks dressed up as zombies, evil clowns and vampires, just wandering around the event.  These folks certainly are hard-core horror fans!  Ed and I go there more for the people watching than anything else.

Below are some of the celebrity sightings and fun stuff we saw:

David Prowse aka Darth Vader...signing autographs.  Nice luggage Mr. Vader!

This creature was trying to pick up a hot chick...guess monsters need love too?

A slightly blurry action shot of Anthony Michael Hall.  I never knew he was so tall! 

These cards were called haunted memories...just turn the card slightly and you get.....


Here is actress Kim Darby who was in the original "True Grit" as well as one of my favorite films "Better off Dead".  She was hilarious in that film as the crazy mom! 

Those "Ghostbusters" earrings are mine!  (Seriously, I'm kidding!)


What the...What??!!!  Very creepy "Silent Hill" pyramid head!

Yes folks, its Zombie Caricatures!  Zombify yourself!

Here is the kid who plays Carl on "The Walking Dead"

Here is the woman who plays Pam on "True Blood".  She's much prettier in person.

An evil clown with a wolf baby?  What madness is this???!!!!

Dude!  Its' Bill!  Actually Ed was pretty excited to see Alex Winter...apparently he's a huge fan of "Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure". 

 Evil Clown and Pinhead are buddies...not surprising!

Only at Monster mania would you see a mannequin with its innards hanging out!


Eartha Kitsch said...

I love the wolf baby. And god, that Silent Hill thing is insane..very, very creepy. I love going to things like this where people are obsessed with pop culture genres.

SUZY8-TRACK said...

Yeah the wolf baby was creepy, but the Silent Hill guy was so creepy in person...the photo doesn't really capture how creepy it really was...even Ed was a little freaked by that, and he doesn't scare easily.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Zombie caricatures sounds like fun!

DearHelenHartman said...

Mind Boggling. Loved Darth Vader's luggage, can just seeing him wheeling it wearily off the Death Star to go to a Dark Side convention.

Anonymous said...

The wolf babies you can get at, people are going nuts over them, and that clown was too cool.

SUZY8-TRACK said...! I wonder if they have any other types of babies...zombie, vampire, etc. Wacky stuff!