Monday, March 19, 2012

Adventures in Thrifting

Over the weekend, Ed and I made a huge haul to Goodwill...again!  It's becoming a "regular" thing!  After dropping our huge load of donations out back, we went around front to check out the merchandise.  We laughed when we found some of the framed posters that we had brought in the week before.

I tend to hang around in the housewares section when I'm there, always on the lookout for vintage Pyrex.  I didn't find any, but I did manage to find this beauty..
Lovely round casserole that pattern!  Came very close to buying this, but Ed spotted me from across the room and shook his head.

While checking out the shelves, I did come across some cuteness...

Can you say Awwwww?? 

 I came super close to taking this baby home!  


 Just in time for St. Patrick's Day...I've always loved these teardrop vessels...although I have so many of them already....just take a deep breath and step away....

I almost bought this thinking it was plant pot...but turned out to be a stupid coffee mug!

Swing yer partner round n' round!...I was intrigued by this ceramic dish...yet not intrigued enough to buy it...To be honest, I wasn't sure what the hell it was or what I could use it for.  Love the dancing lads and ladies though. my where are the tennis balls?? (Joking!!)

Even though there wasn't much to buy on this trip, I did manage to pick up this groovy looking piece.  Is it a trivet?  Not sure, but that is what I'm gonna use it for.   Really looks great sitting on my looks like a work of art that is also functional. 


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Hey, we have 2 of those flowerpot mugs! In better shape than that one though.

SUZY8-TRACK said...

I was just disappointed because we had just picked up a catnip plant for Mooby and I wanted to get a little pot for it. Sadly, our local Goodwill doesn't have much available in plant pots. They are awesome for picking up some vintage Pyrex dishes.