Thursday, November 10, 2011

New Cat!

Mugsy is a stray that came into my life when I was feeling very low.  He has helped me tremendously in getting over Sammy's death.  The house had been so empty without a pet in it, and now I have a furry friend to keep me company.  He's very shy and stiffens up when I pick him up, but he's starting to get used to me and my antics.  He's even becoming very playful, rolling around with the catnip mouse.   It's so cute, he's happy when I come home from work, but still a little scared of me.  Sadly, when I was trying to find his owner, a neighbor informed me that she thought he belonged to someone down the street who had passed away and was put out on the street.  Breaks my heart to hear stories like that!  How sad that this poor baby was evicted from his home!  Anyway, he's got a new home and I hope that when I move in with Ed, that Mugsy and Mooby will get along.  Mooby is definitely an Alpha cat, and Mugs is definitely more of a scaredy cat, so I think it will work out.

 Mugsy laying on a floor pillow

Action shot of him playing with the catnip mouse

So freakin' cute!  He's got a fat belly and short stubby legs!

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