Friday, October 28, 2011

S_ _ _!

As I was slowly getting ready for work this morning, I had the local newscast on TV while drinking a cup of my morning tea.   At first I couldn't believe my ears, but when I listened to the weather forecast for tomorrow it said the dreaded S_ _ _ word!  A word that shouldn't be spoken!  A word that should be forbidden this time of year!  I was in disbelief!  I can't believe they said it!  How can it be??  Snow?!!  That's right folks, we are getting a cold blast coming our way, just in time for the weekend.  The city expects 1-2" but shouldn't really accumulate too much on the roads.  Totally sucks that I had to dig out my winter coat this early in the season!  I just have one thing to say....SHIT!

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