Sunday, August 28, 2011

After the Storm

Well, Hurricane Irene has come and gone...thankfully I survived without losing power or have any flooding.  My sister ended up losing power in her home, but thankfully her neighbor is not on the same power grid, so she was able to run an extension cord to her home so that she wouldn't lose food in her refrigerator.  They also ended up sleeping in the basement because there was a tornado watch in her area, but all is well now.  The winds were not as heavy as they predicted, thankfully, but I've never seen so much felt like someone was pouring a giant bucket over my house for several hours.  The news is reporting the swelling of rivers and creeks in some of the suburban areas, and I'm a little worried for my folks since they are near one of those potential flood areas.  My parents also have a house in Cape May, NJ.  Not sure how badly damaged that place is, but my folks are hoping to head down sometime on Tuesday to survey the damage, if any.  In Cape May and most of the south New Jersey shore points, there was a mandatory evacuation.  My dad sent me some pictures before they left.

No mini-golf today! if a hurricane could read!??

Some of the many shops boarded up and closed to prepare for Irene.

Cape May is not laying down the welcome mat for Irene! 

The 5&10 which has a fabulous retro soda fountain, closed and preparing for the worst.

Someone with a sense of humor.

Marquis De Lafayette Hotel prepared for Irene.

Evacuation was mandatory, but my parents knew some folks who stayed behind to ride out the storm.

 Uncle of my favorite places to eat breakfast, getting ready for the hurricane.  This place is a circular building with big windows and an excellent view of the ocean...normally!

 Congress Hall in Cape May, NJ all boarded up.

No free fudge samples today.

My usually calm cat went a little nuts early this morning!

The only weird thing that happened during the whole storm, was the fact that my cat was going nuts sometime around 4a.m., knocking stuff off my dresser (something he never does) and crying loudly.  At one point he even started swatting me and trying to get me to wake up.  Not sure if it was the barometric changes that were affecting him, but he did go a bit beserk for a little while.  It was almost as if he were a kitten again!

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Debra She Who Seeks said...

Those boarded up window signs are pretty funny -- at least people try to have a sense of humour about it! Glad you're okay and that your cat has returned to normal.