Thursday, June 23, 2011

Local Furniture Finds

I've posted about Uhuru Furniture in the past.  They are a local furniture and collectibles store located in Center City Philadelphia.  Every week I'm checking out their site for fabulous furniture finds (although I have no room for more furniture) and this week I found some really cool stuff!

 Very groovy looking mod dresser...and they have 2 of them! 

 Groovy Rattan Chair...Why the hell am I looking at a rattan chair?? I just got rid of the one I had!  Whats wrong with me??!!!

 Holy cow, for a rattan chair, this one is incredibly groovy!  I love the rounded back cushion!

 I've always had a fondness for art deco furniture.  I currently have my grandparents old art deco set from the 30s in my bedroom.

 Aaahhh this would be perfect in my patio.  I can see myself with my cat, lounging back and reading a book.

 Totally digging the rounded shape of this chair.  Not crazy about the fabric...I wonder what it would cost to re-upholster??

Very cute old fashioned drop down table!

A lovely and ornate shabby chic chest of drawers...very pretty!


Debra She Who Seeks said...

You need to live in a huge, multi-room, unfurnished mansion. Then you could truly indulge your retro furniture lust!

jadedj said...

My wife and I are Art Deco freaks. I can tell you we would kill for that chest. Well OK, maybe not kill...grovel?

SUZY8-TRACK said...

I love Art Deco too! I've been lucky enough to inherit my grandparents old bedroom furniture, with two dressers and a vanity. Sadly the original sleigh bed that came with the set suffered some water damage, and my ex-husband broke the original chair that came with the vanity...but not on was cracked and one day when he sat in it, it just fell apart!

Allison said...

Hi Sue! I just bought a fantastic art deco looking desk (from goodwill!) and am very interested in finding out more about it! The chest you posted is the closest thing I've found so far. I was wondering if your bedroom set is a similar look? (So I can get a closer to a time period) My desk has the same rounded front edge and horizontal detailing at the feet as well as vertical on the edges. The only thing that throws me is the hardware, it's sort of brass looking but it has little plastic/enamle squares inlaid into it. They are almost a golden/orange tortoise shell pattern. As a fellow furniture lover, does that sound legit to you? Thanks!

SUZY8-TRACK said...

Hi Alison,
My bedroom set is quite similar, it dates from the 30s and has a similar veneer finish, but has brass like handles. I've never come across a desk, perhaps it was a vanity at one time, but lost its mirror? The vanity that I have has a set of three drawers on each side, but without the mirror, it could look like a desk. I hope this helps.