Friday, June 3, 2011

Bacon Maple Donut

After watching last Sunday's episode of the Killing I was intrigued when one of the characters had purchased a Bacon Maple Doughnut for his partner. Curious to see if such a thing existed, I consulted my best friend... GOOGLE. In my searching I found that a Bacon Maple Donut did indeed exist and could be found at several different locations in the country...sadly, nothing by me though. I found this lovely photo at VOODOO DOUGHNUTS, which is located in Portland, OR and looks like an incredible/fun place to have a doughnut, just check out their wacky selection here.

This got me wondering.....whose idea was it to combine doughnuts with bacon and maple?  Apparently it all began in The Swirls bakery in Omaha, Nebraska.  They call it "The Elvis".  Apparently they wanted to create a shocking doughnut that folks would talk about.  As the owner of the Swirls bakery puts it "It's your breakfast plate turned into one item that you put in your mouth."  Whatever it is, its working because the response of the customers has been overwhelming and the bakery reportedly prepares 5 lbs of bacon daily.  
There are now more and more bakeries starting to carry their own versions of this salty, smoky, sweet confection.  Its only a matter of time before this craze hits the East coast, if it hasn't already.  You can also find recipes to make your own version of this delicacy.  I just had one question though, why call it "The Elvis"?  Elvis was infatuated with his Peanut butter, Bacon and Banana Sandwiches, guess that inspired the creation of the doughnut.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Did you know that today is National Donut Day? No lie! Oooooooo spooky!

I've seen maple donuts here in Canada, but never bacon maple donuts. Of course, we would want back bacon on ours (what you Yanks call "Canadian bacon," I believe)!

SUZY8-TRACK said...

Wow! I had no idea! Its about time doughnuts get their own day!