Wednesday, May 18, 2011

My Brush with Nature in the City

I was unable to get a photo of the actual bird, but he looked a lot like this one, and was around the same size

Last night, as I was walking up my front steps, after a long day of work, I noticed a small bird sitting at the door, like he was waiting to come in.  As I opened the door, he jumped up the step and came into my foyer.  He looked quite young and was having some trouble flying.  I couldn't tell if he was injured because when I tried to pick him up, he started crying and flapping his wings, but he seemed fine, just young and probably learning to fly.  I brought him inside through the house, and immediately brought him out back to my patio, much to the dismay of my cat Sammy.  I then brought him some water and went to my computer to see if there was something I could feed him. In my research, I found that I could give him some canned cat food, which I happened to have, again, Sammy was not amused when he saw me bringing out some cat food out back.  I brought my little friend a small plate, and put some on my finger, he ate it right off.  Then, with a sudden burst of energy, he started walking around my patio area and disappeared under the door leading out to the alley.  By the time I got the door open, he was gone, but there was a larger bird calling above my head sitting on my neighbors roof.  Made me wonder if it was his mother, because when young birds first leave the nest, the parents are always nearby to keep an eye on them.  I truly hope that was the case because it would break my heart if that poor little guy was all by himself.  Anyway, my little friend disappeared, and he's been on my mind ever since. 


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Sammy's going to be P.O.'d with you for a while, I bet. Giving his food to a . . . a . . . BIRD!

I'm sure little birdie is fine. He just had an adventure and then his Mom took him home.

SUZY8-TRACK said...

I hope you are right, just worried about the little guy, but he was a fiesty one! Sammy was appalled when he saw me take out the plate of cat food, but he got over it pretty quickly.