Friday, April 15, 2011

Will Ferrell on The Office

Will Ferrell made his debut on The Office as Michael Scott's temporary replacement.  His character's name is Deangelo Vickars...I'm sure Ferrell had a hand in making up that goofy name!  My favorite part of the show had to be toward the end when Pam and Jim are showing him their baby.  He tells them how cute she is....then it cuts to him be interviewed by the filmmaker saying the following:  "That baby could be the star of a show called Babies I Don't Care About." - Deangelo  That line just cracked me up!  Happy Friday Everyone!


Anonymous said...

The Office is definitely one of my favorite shows on TV, and I believe the best got better with Will’s debut. I was skeptic about the Ferrel/Office “merger” but his first appearance was absolutely hilarious! The best Office episodes have yet to come! Check it out here -
My employer, DISH Network, does a lot of free streaming for The Office.

SUZY8-TRACK said...

Being a huge Ferrel fan...I can't wait for more episodes!