Monday, January 31, 2011

High Strung

Last night my boyfriend and I were bored, there were no football games on TV...except the Pro Bowl *Yawn*  so we decided to watch a movie.  He asked me if I had ever seen High Strung and I told him no.  He looked shocked that I had not viewed this cult classic and said that we had to watch it, especially since its one of his favorite films.  It stars Steve Oedekerk as Thane Furrows, an uptight children's author who rarely leaves his house, eats only cereal, and is irritated by everything around him. The film also stars Thomas F. Wilson, Fred Willard, Denise Crosby and Jim Carrey.

The film centers around Thane Furrows (Oedekerk), who spends the day messing around his apartment and complaining about a number of random subjects, among other things, flies, watermelon popsicles, junk mail, his boss' wife, his upstairs neighbor, smoking, salesmen, and philosophizes on a number of things such as the morality of eating humans and the sensibility of keeping pets. A number of minor annoyances also perturb him throughout the day: a fly lands on his cereal at breakfast, which he inadvertently eats; an insurance salesman named Ray comes to the door, to which Furrows responds by feigning interest and, shortly after promising to take out a number of policies, slams the door in Ray's face with the words "I'd rather be dead"; an automated survey about carpet cleaning calls him repeatedly; his boss' wife comes by to pick up a book he was writing, and he (eventually) tells her off and has most likely lost his job (although he's not quite sure).

However, the day proves to be much different than normal when Thane begins to recieve strange phone calls, letters, and voices in his head, all indicating that something will happen at 8 o'clock. As the day goes on, Thane rants and raves about the things that annoy him and seems to reach a fevered pitch, as the clock slowly ticks closer and closer to his destiny.

Below are some of my favorite scenes from the film:

Still looking for the cereal and milk rant that he does in the beginning of the film...very funny stuff! Enjoy!


Lemmy Caution said...

Whay have I not heard of this? Why have I not seen this? Need to hunt it down pronto!

SUZY8-TRACK said...

Good luck, it is not easy to find and not available on DVD.

Lemmy Caution said...

I specialize in tracking down stuff that ain't on dvd and making it so! lol. When I get home on my non-work puter, the search will begin. Woo!

SUZY8-TRACK said...

You sound like my boyfriend...he has special resources where he can track down things like that.