Friday, December 10, 2010

Animated Vintage Christmas Window Displays Mechanical 2007

This really takes me back. I've always loved watching the animated figures in the store windows during the holidays. Not many stores do that nowadays...but back in the 50s through the 70s, it was a holiday staple.  This guy has approximately 80 of them in his collection..which is enormous!  I could probably spend hours looking at them.  At home I have 2 large animated figures and a small battery operated one.  The large ones were purchased at a yard sale by my parents, and given to me for Christmas about 10 years ago.  They had their original price tags and markdowns on the boxes.  The tags stated that they originally sold for $120 each, then marked down to $60 each.  My folks got both of them for $20 at the yard sale!  They were so thrilled to give them to me, because they knew I loved that kind of stuff.  Enjoy the animated magic!


Debra She Who Seeks said...

One of our "boutique" shopping areas here in Edmonton has brought back these kinds of window displays this Christmas! Every 4th or 5th store has one -- some are vintage and some are new. All are charming!

Anonymous said...

Suzy - would you be willing to post pictures of your animated dolls? I know the person who owns these and I too have about the same number in this same style - we even have a few characters who are just alike. We are always in search of seeing other dolls to compare the various styles of dress, hairstyles, and motions.

P.S. I am signing this as anonymous b/c I'm new to reading blogs and don't have my own - but I am legitimate :-)


Anonymous said...

I love seeing the window displays for Christmas. I use to do them myself here in TN. My wife and I have a collection of the animated dolls from the 1940s through the 1970s. I try to make our house a magical Christmas display every year. As a child I drug my parents to every department store window in town to look at the displays and now I have a lot of them. We still go searching to add more as we can. We still have a few window displays left in our area. I love Christmas.