Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Love notes

Has this ever happened to you?  You park your car and days later you find a nasty note on your car from some irate driver who claims that you are taking up more than one parking space?  I don't do much driving, except on the weekends.  So when I went to get my car over the weekend, it was a total surprise for me to find a note taped to the front of my windshield.  It was attached with  packing tape...I'm guessing that the author of the note wanted to make sure that it didnt fall off.  It was neatly typed too..so at first I thought it was an advertisement.  The note said:  Thanks for Taking TWO Parking Spaces I had to park two blocks away, You stupid, inconsiderate Bastard! (I typed it exactly as it was written).  What the hell?!!  Someone was so pissed off that they couldn't find a parking space near their home that they decided to type out a note, print it, cut it out and put it on my windshield with packing tape?  Would have thought the act of typing it out would have cooled down their temper a bit...but apparently not.  Must have been two long blocks to walk!  LOL!  I just had to laugh at it all.  It is pretty hilarious that someone went to all that trouble.  The whole thing was a bit confusing though, there was a car in front of me, but there was no huge space between us that could fit another car.  Behind my car was the crosswalk...had I parked back any further, I would have been ticketed (I know from experience!).  This note is puzzling to me.  When searching online, I found some funny notes that people left, or had found on their cars..so I thought I would share the love....Enjoy!

Would have been nice if the author stated why the car had to be moved.  

Wow!  Thats a lot of anger!  Isn't there a nicer way to put this??

This one is quite humorous because the person in question is legally parked on the street...and the writer of the note is just angry that they are unable to park in front of their house.  Love the sarcastic response from the car owner.

This one was kind of cute...even though they insulted the driver a bit.

From a VERY UNHAPPY pedestrian!

This one was left by the owner of the car...but it is hilarious!  Don't mess with this guy!


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Better to receive an angry note than have a vandalized car!

SUZY8-TRACK said...

So true!

mytinyrobotheart said...

ha ha ha... had to laugh... i have written two angry notes on car windows in lipstick because there was no way to get into my car on either side.... and it was the 3rd time it happened one week (i should have known better than to park at the university bookstore during the first week of school...damn kids!)

Chris said...

when i was young, my dad had a stack of these cards with the exact same message. looked like business cards. i have no idea where he got them, but recently i've been thinking about making some myself!

SUZY8-TRACK said...

Your dad had pre-printed messages? Wow, I would hate to have to park in his neighborhood! Although I must admit, my neighborhood is awful for parking and having a printed message, ready to whip out at any moment, would certainly come in handy.