Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Yard Sale Goodies

This past Saturday, I stopped at a yard sale in my neighborhood.  It was one of those block long sales where all the neighbors participate.  Most of the stuff was kids crap, books and more VHS than you could shake a stick at.....there was also one odd table filled with religious figurines,  two very large crosses and those creepy pictures of Jesus where his eyes follow you around..Yikes!  Towards the end of the block there was a young hip couple selling off a large chunk of their vinyl collection which was an interesting mix of classic rock and classical music.  As I was sorting through the albums, their neighbor decided that she should sell off her vinyl too, and ran back in the house to get it.....which consisted of a lot, I mean A LOT of Michael Jackson records as well as some R&B and some Funk.  After sorting through everything, I picked up three albums for $2 total.  All are in excellent condition.  The guy selling them said that they were priced to move, the more you bought, the more of a discount you got...but he had a weird pricing system which didn't seem consistent or logical.

The first one I picked up was Calypso by Harry Belafonte, a classic.  I used to own a copy of this on cassette, but now I'm glad to have it on vinyl.  The second album I got was Grand Funk Live Album which is by far one of the best (and most ignored) double live albums from the classic rock era.  These guys have such a raw energy that really comes through in their music.  The last album I picked up is a recording of  E.E. Cummings reading some of his poetry.  What caught my eye at first was the album cover itself.  It looks more like a book cover.  Have always loved his poetry, and it will be pretty cool to listen to him recite it on this recording.  It is definitely a very diverse collection of vinyl, which will surely add some interest to my collection.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Good finds! I might have been tempted by the creepy pictures of Jesus, though. So just as well I wasn't there.

SUZY8-TRACK said...

My grandmother had one of those Jesus pictures in her home..and it always freaked me out!