Monday, April 12, 2010

I hate Munderday!

Arrgh...This past Saturday, I went to a mega-humongous garage sale at a local church. In my rush to get to work this morning I forgot to bring in my camera to download my pictures of all my fabulous purchases (will have to do that tomorrow). The garage sale was jam packed with so much stuff it was ready to burst at the seams. There was more stuff piled underneath all the tables, but it was difficult to look there since there were so many people. There was a lot of junk to sort through, but there were also some gems to be found.  You could spot something at one of the tables, but you had to pray that by the time you fought through the crowd to get to it, that the item in question was still there before someone else snatched it up. Luckily, I got just about everything I had my eye on, except one mid century mod shelving unit. As soon as I spotted it, some woman grabbed it and hauled it out of there. As she whizzed by I saw the $20 price tag and wanted to cry. I didn't even get to touch it! :(


Lemmy Caution said...

Weddings....funerals.....and mega-humongous garage sales. Pretty much the three ways to get me into a church. Usually good stuff to be found! Look forward to the pics!

SUZY8-TRACK said...

The church garage sale was located in the Main Line section just outside Philadelphia. It's a very, very expensive area (The Philadelphia story supposedly took place there), so I knew that some of the items would be decent. Sadly, I managed to forget my camera again, but I'll definitely have pictures tomorrow, fo sho.