Thursday, February 18, 2010

Trash Finds!

With all the snow still hanging around, I had given up trash picking until spring.  This morning I was surprised to find something that actually caught my eye.  The items in question were spotted on the opposite side of the street and there was no way my 14 yo Samoyed pup was going to be able to climb over the massive walls of snow blocking our path, so we ended up walking back to the corner and having to cross the street and make our way back up the street on the opposite side.  It was worth the effort, because I found a fabulous kitschy black velvet painting of a matador and bull.  With it was also some type of souvenir hat  from a vacation long, long ago.  Not sure what I'm going to do with either of these items, since my walls are pretty full.  My boyfriend has already expressed interest in the black velvet painting by exclaiming that "This would look great in my place!"  Which it would, especially since he has some fantastic velvet paintings of battleships already in his collection.  I'll try to talk him into taking the hat as well.  It is quite nice, with some painting on the brim.  Looks like it was meant to be hung on the wall, rather than be worn.

I love kitsch.  I probably get it from my grandparents, their home was a kitschy dream!  I loved going over there and looking in my grandmother's curio cabinet and seeing all her treasures from her travels over the years.  My parents hated all the kitsch, but I couldn't get enough of it.  Every inch of their walls was covered in something fun to look at.  After my grandmother died, my grandfather sold most of the souvenir's and curios at yard sales *sigh*.  If I was older at the time, I would probably have taken many of the items, but I was still a school kid, and my parents did not want that stuff in their house.  As my mother put it it, the decor was "tacky".   Thankfully I inherited my grandmother's love of kitsch and I am proud of it.


Lemmy Caution said...

HAH....that velvet paining with the bullfighter! My Aunt had that hanging in her house for YEARS. Seeing it again after these many many moons sure did give me a chuckle! Thanks!

SUZY8-TRACK said...

Bullfighters were huge in the 60s. I remember my parents had this huge bullfighter and bull figurine that they had in the basement. I think that was one of the few kitschy items they had in the house...probably a gift from my grandparents.